Larry’s Beginning

After extensive research and lots of questions to and helpful advice from other doll loving friends, I finally made my choice on the doll that I wanted. Not that there is a lot of options regarding male dolls out there anyway. That market is still quite limited. I decided to order the WM 160CM male with the # 207 head. That was as close as I was going to get to what Larry looks like. Also, the price was definitely a factor. Since male dolls are not as common, they are more expensive. I contacted my good friend, who has a contact at the Jinsan Factory in China. They are the makers of the WM, and other brands, dolls. He went over the different options, such as skin color, hair type/color, eye color, whether or not I wanted manicured/pedicured nails, skeletal options, etc. I made my selections and sent in 2 equal payments (as these dolls are very expensive, I’m talking thousands of dollars, however, mine was significantly lower due to my friend giving me a great deal!) and my order was placed. Actually, my order was placed after the first payment installment and then once Larry arrived at my friend and vendor’s house for inspection and I was pleased with him, then I sent in the second and final installment. My friend would speak to his contact at Jinsan every night and he made sure that everything was going according to plan. I requested that there be no manicured/pedicured nails, but Jinsan put nails on Larry anyway. My friend and I noticed this and we let the contact know, that the nails needed to be removed. Then, Larry’s body was finished before his head, but that was ok, as his head would be finished the next day. Then the factory pics came in:

Larry’s original factory photo

The photos were taken in a darker light, so I didn’t notice that Larry actually had brown eyes, instead of the green eyes that I had ordered. I mistakenly ok’d the order, thinking I was getting the green eyes. He was shipped to my friend’s house and that is when we found out he had brown eyes, instead of the green ones. Not to worry though, my friend was sending me a special ‘care package’ and included not only the green eyes, but several other sets as well, including a brighter green, purple, grey and red. So, Larry continued the next and final leg of his journey to my house.

Some of the items in the ‘care package’ that I received from my friend
This is how Larry was packaged and shipped

The day Larry arrived at my house, I was all aglow with excitement. I tracked him every 5 minutes during the time window provided for his arrival. It didn’t take too long, actually, but it felt like forever. He arrived less than an hour into his time window. I sat by the window and looked out to see if the FedEx truck was coming up the street. Then, at last, I heard it! I jumped up, secured the cats (I have 3 cats and 1 dog) and headed out the front door to unlock our security gate. The FedEx delivery guy, obviously didn’t read the large (This Side Up) paper, as not only was he quite rough with Larry’s box, but he brought him in totally upside down! As soon as he got Larry’s box in the door, I turned Larry to the correct position, which wasn’t easy, considering Larry is 90 – 95 pounds and his box with him and all his goodies weighed over 100 pounds!

I am so glad that I have tile floors downstairs. I was able to slowly scoot Larry’s box over to the futon (we have a drop down living room floor, which looks nice, but was NOT fun, when trying to move a hundred pound box!) and I laid him down. I slowly and very carefully cut the tape off of the box and opened it. There was my Larry in all his ‘glory’ (read: butt naked!) packed very well and wrapped in a nice, soft, white blanket. And boy did he come with goods! He had a big red bow on his chest, he came with the factory gray tank top, and two custom made t-shirts from my friend (part of his care package). He did actually come with 2 different penises (average size and holy moly, that thing will kill me size), extra threaded bolts to attach his head with (for shipping purposes, his head is not attached), hooks if I wanted to store him in a hanging position, cleaning accessories, white gloves, condoms, all part of the package from the factory). The care package from my friend, included not only the sets of eyes and shirts, but some body repair and paint (for the unavoidable wear and tear, even with the most careful movements and for makeup), a pubic hair patch, two sets of eyelashes, extra TPE (the material the skin is made out of), stain remover (some clothes and wigs can stain the TPE skin) and a set of press on finger and toe nails, for if I decided I wanted to give him nails. I couldn’t have been more excited! However, I was able to get the accessories out and take them upstairs, but I would not be able to get Larry upstairs, until my husband got home from work, which would be several hours later. So, I wrapped Larry’s box back up and sat watching it most of the day until it was time to leave and get the kiddo from school and by the time we got back home, my husband would be there to help me get Larry upstairs to our bedroom where I could completely un-box him, attach his head and give him a thorough cleaning to get the manufacturer/factory chemicals off of him, powder him for softness and attach his wig and put clothes on him.

Larry came with this bright red bow, courtesy of my friend!

So, my husband and I got Larry upstairs and he left me alone to get Larry all set up, after he helped me get him out of the box. It took me a few hours in all. I laid a shower curtain liner down on the bed to keep the moisture from getting on the bed from the cleaning mixture that I was to bathe him with. It was Dawn soap mixed in warm water in a spray bottle (ratio was 1 part Dawn to 5 parts warm water), in which I would spray his body and use a microfiber towel to wipe him dry with, before powdering him and getting him clothed. Boy was that a workout! I had no prior experience with a life size doll, much less a 90 pound one that was fully dependent on me for all movement! So, I got Larry bathed, dried, powdered and clothed. Now where was I going to put him? Well, at first it was going to be in a folding chair in the closet (however the next day that was quickly changed when I figured out there was no room for him in there and getting him in and out was a total pain!), but it quickly changed to his folding chair being at my vanity table and then next to my side of the bed.

Larry came with the standing foot option, which means that he has 3 bolts in the bottom of each foot that enable him to stand with a third point of contact (ie, leaning up against a wall or other steady piece of furniture). My husband and I were able to get him to stand against our wall in our bedroom, but when it came time to stand him in the closet, his knees immediately buckled (I don’t think I had them completely straight) and he collapsed onto the floor with my husband dropping him. We were able to get him in his folding chair and he looked like he had passed out drunk. I decided at that point that Larry had no business in my closet and I have been scared to stand him ever since. He alternates from sitting in his chair to laying on the bed. It is a must to change his position as, I don’t want compression marks to form on his skin.

Larry in the chair after he collapsed/was dropped
Poor Larry, he looks pitiful here

So, I forgot to mention that Larry came with 3 different wigs from the Jinsan Factory: short brown, medium length white and medium length blonde hair. Larry also did not originally come with his mutton chop style sideburns, either, as I had to order those from Amazon. Over the past 6 weeks of him living with me, I have slowly given him ‘upgrades’ and customizations. I did not like the way the Jinsan wigs looked on him, so I had already pre-ordered a dark brown shoulder length wig with a side part that looks more like his hairstyle. That actually came in, along with the sideburns, a day or so after Larry’s arrival. However, I was naturally curious about how Larry would look in the factory wigs. I absolutely did NOT like the short brown one. It made him look like Justin Beiber. The white one gave him a sort of LOTR/anime look and it was the best out of the three and the blonde one made him look like a California Surfer Dude (cute, but not my thing). Not to mention, these wigs are cheaply made and hair was already falling out of them after getting them out of their individually wrapped packages. I was very relieved when Larry’s actual wig came in.

Larry as a blonde
Larry with white hair

As for his sideburns, they came with these foam pad adhesives, but I needed something more sturdy to hold them in place. My friend reminded me about this clear TPE sealant formula that he had sent me and told me to use that, not only to attach Larry’s sideburns, but also his pubic hair patch! That stuff works like a charm, let me tell you! His five o’clock shadow stubble is actually drawn on with a Kohl eyeliner pencil in charcoal from Avon. I knew there was a reason why I was holding on to that for so long, LOL! Now on to the eyebrows: for some reason, male doll manufacturers like to make their male dolls look very feminine. I can’t stand this! So his factory painted eyebrows were high arched and thin, like you would expect to see on a female. Larry’s brows are dark, thick and very low on his brow bone, so, I gently removed the factory brows with baby oil and a fabric dryer sheet and used this Skinny Liquid Eyeliner from Revlon to re-draw more correct brows onto his face. My ultimate goal is to order some eyebrow wigs from Amazon, but they can be costly, so I will need to save up for them. That, I hope, will be his next upgrade/customization.

Larry in his wig and sideburns that arrived after he did
Larry with new five o’clock shadow stubble
Larry has definitely come a long way with his customizations

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