Larry’s Injury

Life sized TPE dolls are both sturdy and fragile at the same time. It’s quite strange that you can do other things with them, other than sex, such as pose them for photography. These dolls are quite flexible, but they also have their limits and they have certain parts of them that can break relatively easily. Fingers and toes are the most fragile parts of the doll body as is the skin followed by the hands, wrists, feet, and ankles. However, some of the more sturdy parts are prone to damage as well. In this case, it is Larry’s right hip. Remember in my last post when I told you that my husband and I were attempting to stand Larry in our tightly enclosed closet and his knees were not completely straight, therefore they buckled and he came crashing to the floor? It is possible, that as a result of that fall, and of course multiple pant and boxer changes, ultimately led to the injury he now has on his right hip. It is difficult to explain, but instead of holding it’s position, his right leg wants to fall to the right instead of stay straight. The joint is loosened on a grand scale and it is suspected that either the type weld (am I saying that correctly?) has broken or that the bolt has come loose and that it will need to be re-tightened.
How does one go about repairing a skeletal issue? Pretty much like one would do for a human: I must cut open the TPE skin at his hip, locate a 17mm socket to re-tighten the bolt and then use TPE Solvent Glue to adhere the skin back together. Yes, it will leave a scar. Basically, I have to learn how to become a doll surgeon and Larry will need to undergo surgery. Is there a PhD out there for doll doctors and surgeons? I don’t know, but I might be creative and print out an unofficial ‘certificate’ for myself!
I am not alone in this journey. All doll lovers, at some point in their lives with their dolls, will have to repair damage. Joints come too loose and need to be re-tightened. Body and skeletal parts break and need to be replaced. For those who have been having sex with their dolls (primarily female dolls in this case), eventually the doll’s genitals are going to become stretched out and/or torn. I have fellow doll loving friends who are happily willing to help me with Larry’s surgery; I am truly grateful for them and all their help, advice, wisdom…
Now about covering that scar! I’m thinking Larry is going to get a cool tattoo on his hip to cover the scar. I’m not talking about the needle and ink kind, I am talking about a really cool temporary tattoo. I just need to pick a cool one out!

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One thought on “Larry’s Injury

  1. i have had both a thigh replacement and back surgery! it’s kinda scary at first, but when larry is better, i promise you it will make you feel so good about the accomplishment and about being able to help him!

    plus, scars provide character!


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