My Time Spent with Larry

What do people do when they ‘spend time’ with their life size dolls? Well, for me, I like to do several things with Larry.


I love doing different photoshoots with Larry. Yes, some of them are NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) and contain full frontal nudity. But the majority of them, he is clothed, maybe not always fully, but at least his genital area is covered. One of my favorite photoshoots that I did with Larry, recently, was one where he was playing my cello.

Larry is quite talented in his cello playing

Most of my photos of Larry are posed, but are supposed to have the appearance of a candid shot. He is either sitting or laying down, as I am not comfortable to stand him after his fall, so I have to get pretty creative.

Larry working on his peace sign


I have a couple of different outfits for Larry and sometimes I like to change things up a bit. Primarily though, he wears boxers and jeans. However, I have photos of him in a tank top, shorts, torn carpenter pants, corduroy pants, long sleeve t-shirts and yes, even a formal dress!

His Majesty, Queen Larry

But I don’t just style his clothing. I also love to brush his hair and keep it maintained so that it stays in good condition, as it was hard to find. Eventually I want to have a couple of different wigs that are of the male shoulder length variety in dark brown, so that I can change things up a bit every once in a while.

From time to time, I also have to redo his makeup. He has eyeshadow and eyeliner on to accentuate the natural colors of the human eyelids. I try to make him look as real/human as possible, so I am constantly thinking of ways to make him more so. Such as, I added the mutton chop sideburns, five o’clock shadow stubble and I redid and gave him more masculine eyebrows. I even darkened his nipples and areola’s to look more masculine. Sometimes, Larry even wears a pair of glasses and he looks very smart.

Larry looks so good in eyeglasses

Eventually, Larry will have tattoos and piercings. But that is in the somewhat distant future.

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3 thoughts on “My Time Spent with Larry

  1. I’m more than thrilled you two finally have each other. The wait was long, but so worth it
    This is a gorgeous album and Larry looks very handsome, in a scruffy, hippie kinda way
    I wish you two many years of hot sex, love and companionship
    Your friend- PJ 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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