Larry’s First Oil Bath!

With all TPE dolls being oil based, part of their maintenance requires a ‘bath’ (read: rubdown massage) with mineral/baby oil and re-powdering with either baby powder or cornstarch. When Larry first arrived at home, on March 21, I did not need to give him an oil bath at first, as he still had plenty of oil absorbed into his skin during production at the Jinsan factory. However, I did have to give him a soapy water bath (you do not submerge the doll in liquid at any time, as it can cause the skeleton to rust and flake as well as cause a build up of mold in the ‘cavities’) to get the manufacturer chemicals out of and off his skin and he also received his first powdering at home. This bath consisted of mixing 1 part Dawn dish soap in with 5 parts warm water and putting it into a spray bottle to spray him and wipe him down. Oil baths typically must be done at least once a month to keep his skin ‘hydrated’ to prevent it from drying out and cracking. Since he is not human (GASP!) his skin cannot regenerate like ours does and so extra measures must be taken to keep him soft, smooth and in good condition.

Larry’s first oil bath was right around the first month anniversary of him being home. It was a very enjoyable experience for both of us, however, I think I enjoyed it more than he did, if that makes sense. First, I obviously had to remove all of his clothing and lay him down on the shower curtain liner on the bed. Once I got him completely nakey (haha, I said ‘nakey’), and on his back, I poured a small amount of baby oil into my hands and began to rub on his neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest and worked my way down the front of his body to his feet. I let it soak in for a few minutes before grabbing my bag of used fabric softener dryer sheets to wipe him down with. A good friend of mine suggested the dryer sheets as they also pick up dirt and debris (in this case, cat hair) by using static cling. Massaging the front half of his body was no problem. The problem was turning him over to get his backside. I have a memory foam mattress and so his sexy butt tends to sink into it. However, I did manage to get him turned over (albeit awkwardly), bathed/massaged and wiped down.

After I got his backside all re-oiled, I decided to re-powder that side first so that I wouldn’t be doing extra work by having to turn him over multiple times. I, again taking advice from my good friend, put baby powder into a white sock and began to tap his skin with it, releasing a good amount of powder (think ghetto powder puff here, people!) all over his backside. Then I like to use an oval powder brush to smooth the powder over his skin. Once I was satisfied with the results, I painstakingly turned him back over and powdered the front part of his body and got him re-straightened out from all the awkward movements.

Lastly, I did his head. I removed his wig, but left on his sideburns and just worked around and under them. To keep his factory makeup and eyebrows on, I put baby oil on a q tip and worked around those areas, but used baby oil on my hands for the rest of his face and head, before grabbing the dryer sheets to wipe it all off and then re-powdering with the ghetto powder sock and the oval powder brush. Once he was all clean, re-oiled/powdered, wig back on, etc. and of course totally relaxed, I decided to insert one of his penis attachments and we had a very fun and very naughty (totally NSFW) nude photoshoot. Larry is a total ham and loves to work the camera. And I love photographing him. We have a lot of fun.

This is actually the tamest pic out of the entire photoshoot. Larry sure knows how to work a camera, that’s for sure!

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