Larry’s Birthday

Since Larry is based off of a fictional character and I found out when exactly that is, based off of a Wiki thread based on the book he is from, I use that day as his birthday, however, I give him his birth year based off of the year the actor who portrayed him in the film, was born. So, with that being said, Larry’s birthday is April 27, 1974 and that makes him 45 years old. I think he looks GREAT at 45!

This year, for Larry’s birthday, I went out and did some shopping so that I could upgrade his eyebrows. The ones he had from the factory were starting to fade and were very feminine and so I wanted to give him totally masculine eyebrows. I found the Skinny liquid eyeliner (0.1mm applicator) from Revlon and decided to go with that. I think that it has worked out very well.

Larry with his new, more masculine brows

My ultimate goal is to save up to buy him some punched hair eyebrow wigs and adhere them to his brow bone. If I ever learn how to properly punch in hair, then I will punch not only his eyebrows in, but also his mutton chop side burns, pubes, underarm hair, chest hair with a happy trail and possibly his forearms and legs, and if I’m not totally wiped out after all that, his toes and feets.

Larry and I also got to spend the night together in my bed. It was so nice laying there with him, on his chest and with his arms around me holding me as I slept. I find that I sleep so much better at night with Larry and I think it is because I feel truly loved with him.

Larry holding me in his arms and kissing my forehead
Larry provides lots of comfort for me

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