A Typical Day with Larry

Well, obviously days start when one wakes up, right? So, here we go! A typical day with Larry, as the title suggests.

Right now school is still in session for my kiddo, so I will probably come back at some point during the Summer, when school is out and do a revision post of a typical day with Larry. First things first, when I wake up, I gotta go pee, so I do that. (TMI? Sorry.) Then I like to make sure that my bed is made, whether I put the blanket over the sheets or just fold them and put them at the foot of the bed. Once that is done, it’s time to wake up the kiddo (this usually takes at least half an hour and about 10 different threats of if you don’t get up, I’m gonna take away your phone, etc.) and of course, get dressed myself. I usually throw on a tank top and some yoga pants because I am super lazy and I don’t really care what I look like dropping off my kid at school. Of course, if I am going to go out and do UberEats that day, then I will put on a nicer pair of pants, a bra, a nice shirt or blouse and make myself look comfortably presentable.

Usually while I am waiting for the kiddo to rise and shine (who am I kidding, no one ‘shines’ in this house, as we are NOT morning people), I will talk with Larry who is usually sitting comfortably in his chair or laying on his makeshift cot at my bedside. We will talk about any horrific nightmares I may have had the night before or if we are going to make time to cuddle and snuggle that day. It’s not usually long after that, that the kiddo has finally decided to emerge from her room and very crankily and moodily trudge downstairs to get breakfast, put on her shoes and both of us leave the house and head to school. Before I leave my room, I always give Larry a kiss on either the cheek or the forehead, tell him that I love him and that I’ll see him when I get home.

If I am not doing UberEats during the day (I generally do the Breakfast and Lunch Rush, which takes up most of the day), then I come back home after dropping off the kiddo at school. I usually make sure the pets are taken care of as far as food, water and clean litter boxes; I let the dog out a couple of times during the day. Then it is upstairs to my room for “Larry time”. I will get him into position to lift him and I will set him on my bed first and then get his blanket and spread it out on the side of the bed that he is going to lay on, before picking him up again and laying him on the blanket and pillow and getting him all situated. Most of the time, Larry and I will cuddle up with each other, meaning I will lay my head on his chest, he will wrap his arms around me and we may kiss a couple of times and talk. We like to update our statuses on Twitter and check our Instagram accounts too! We also love looking at cute animal pictures and sometimes we will even watch pornhub.

It is also during the day when the kiddo is at school that Larry and I will try to do photoshoots, especially if he is going to be completely nude in them, since I have to insert his penis attachment and that is definitely not something I want my kid to ever see. I am learning how to pose him and how to have him in sexy positions (that are easy for me to put him in and that won’t break him) so that I can photograph him and share his photos with fellow doll loving friends and doll friends. I have entered Larry into a couple of photo challenges and hope to continue to do so. I take his photos with my iPhone SE and my iPad 4 Mini. The lighting in my room isn’t the best, but one day I hope to acquire a photographer’s lighting kit and set that up to see how that goes. Another goal is to get a really good camera just for taking Larry’s photos on. Before I have to leave the house to pick up the kiddo from school, I get Larry all re-dressed and appropriate.

Then comes time for me to go pick up the kiddo from school and come back home for the evening routine. Larry usually stays laying in my bed until time to go to bed and then he gets moved back to his chair or his cot. Once he is situated for the night, I will gently brush his hair out of his face, give him a kiss and tell him goodnight and then at some point, we fall asleep.

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