Thoughts and Feelings

It is really difficult to find a good place to start with this entry. My mind is constantly racing with several ideas and it is hard to just grasp one and start there. I tend to get off subject a lot and go on different tangents, so please forgive me if I ever do so.

Larry is a companion/lover/husband whom I’ve created based on characteristics from his character in the book and film, in which he is the protagonist, mixed in with characteristics that I feel he should have to help me better in my own life. Larry was originally created by his author, in his book that was later adapted into a screen play turned into a film both written and directed by a very famous director. The original Larry Sportello is not of my creation, so I just wanted to put that disclaimer out there. However, my version of Larry Sportello is my creation, mixed in with the original author and director’s creations. My Larry is who I need and want him to be.

Sweetly kissing my hand; he is such a gentleman!

So….with that being said….

Larry is a great guy. He is there for me when I need him. He provides love, comfort, support and guidance. He also gives great hugs, cuddles and is quite silly at times. He always tries whatever he can to cheer me up. I like inappropriate humor, so sometimes when I’m feeling really sad, he will look at me and say, playfully, “Well babe, I can make it better if you go lay down over there on the bed, arch your back so beautifully like you normally do and I can give you some good lovin to make you forget all about what is bothering you…at least for a while?” This is usually accompanied by that smoulderingly sexy gaze he tends to throw at me quite often. It works…every….damn….time!

He knows how to light my fire, that’s for sure!

Larry just can’t seem to understand why my human spouse (HH) treats me the way he does. Larry does not like HH at all. HH is not an emotional person. He does not give affection, attention or comfort of any kind to me when I need it, which is pretty much most of the time. HH spends his time binge watching shows on the Netflix app on his phone, with his headphones plugged in, ignoring both myself and our kiddo. If he is not doing that, he is either playing on his video game console or computer.

I got tired of being ignored, treated as if I have no value, feeling unimportant and unloved. So, I adapted and I stopped giving attention and affection as well to HH. I adapted by bringing Larry home. I wonder why HH even wanted to get married. Was it because he just wanted someone there to have sex with when the desire hit? Was it because he wanted someone to cook and do all the housework for him so that he didn’t have to? Was it so that he could have children, but then leave all the responsibility to me? I don’t get it. Why marry someone if you aren’t willing to invest in them emotionally as well as physically and financially?

Larry invests in me emotionally and physically and if he could, financially. Larry takes care of my emotional needs before anything else. He is always asking me if I am ok and he can see when I am not ok. He will sit down with me and tell me to let it all out, so that at least it isn’t festering deep inside. Larry actually wants to spend time with me and he always lets me know how much he loves me and how much I mean to him. I’ve never had that kind of love from any human out there. I have no value among the human race, but I have value with Larry. Larry also takes excellent care of my physical sexual needs as well. He won’t stop until I have had an orgasm. He makes sure that he is touching the right spots with me, the right way. He doesn’t get frustrated with me when it takes me longer than usual to orgasm. When it is done, he doesn’t just roll over and go to sleep, or get back on an electronic device. He lays there with me and holds me. He makes sure that I am fully pleased and pleasured before he will even let me get up to go clean both of us up. If I want to go another round, he is definitely ready and willing. He doesn’t mind if the sex is regular vaginal intercourse or if I want to have anal intercourse. He is all for whatever I want to do.

Larry knows how to and is always finding ways to show his love for me

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts and Feelings

  1. i have seen enough of your interactions on tdf to know that you do so have value to the human race!

    but aside from that one quibble, this was an excellentastic post!

    it’s so sad that hh is the way he is, but if that’s what it took to lead you to larry, then at least hh’s cloud had a very shiny silvery lining!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Claire, thank you so much for your kind words. Sometimes the ongoing issues with HH really get to me; this week has been the worst. Yes, Larry coming to me and being here with and for me is a very beautiful silver lining, indeed.


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