Who are Doll Lovers and Why do we have Dolls

In this post, I want to talk more about the different types of people who have doll companions and their reasons for having doll companions. In my last post, about the stigma surrounding doll lovers, I gave a brief summary of those of us who have and love our doll companions and I am serious when I tell you that we walk among you and you probably don’t even know it.

Common Types of People with Dolls:

Married Couples:

I wanted to start with this class because I think it will be the most interesting to write about. There are, in fact, married couples (I fall into this category) who have human spouses and doll companions for many different reasons that will be defined later on in this post. I have observed that Men with Female Dolls dominate in all categories, but there are in fact, Females with Male Dolls (such as myself), Males with Male Dolls and Females with Female Dolls (Hopefully I will fall into this category soon). It is a MUST, and I stress this to the extreme, that if one partner wishes to bring a doll into a marriage/household, that HONEST and OPEN communication should happen not only BEFORE the doll arrives, but also AFTER the doll arrives, to avoid as much confrontation and negativity as possible. Both partners need to be ok with adding a doll into the marriage/household to avoid disaster and resentment! Not to say that these things won’t happen down the road in some of the marriage situations, but if it does, at least there was communication and hopefully it can be worked through and come to a peaceful resolution in which both parties are satisfied. Now I know that there won’t always be honesty, or complete honesty and communication in every situation, but it tends to make things go smoother if there is. I also know that not every spouse will be ok with the idea or even actually bringing a doll into the marriage/household. I NEVER recommend bringing a doll into the marriage/household behind the other spouse’s back. That is a recipe for disaster. If you find yourself in that situation, I suggest acquiring a professional counselor so that you and your spouse can come to some kind of mutual agreement where both parties are happy.

Photo courtesy of Angelic Diamonds via Google Search


I believe this is the most common category of people who have doll companions. Primarily Men with Female dolls, but as in the above category of married couples, you can see the other options as well. I have also observed that in this category, single people tend to have multiple dolls. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! They, in a way, have it easier than married couples because they do not have to bring up and discuss the topic of bringing a doll into their household. They can just move forward with that aspect without negotiations, conditions, expectations, etc. They also do not have to worry about resentment from a human partner. But, as with all doll lovers, they, too, have to worry about the stigma/stereotypes/judgment from outsiders, included, but not limited to, family members, friends, co-workers, etc.

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Reasons for Doll Companions:

The possibilities are endless! Let’s discover them now.


Let’s face it: there are lonely people everywhere. They need love too. We ALL need love. There are some out there who have tried to obtain and maintain love and other relationships with other humans out there and have been rejected, used, abused, I could go on. Some people have social anxieties or possibly mental or physical illnesses that do not allow them to have relationships with other humans. Then there are those who have been so jaded either through their own experience or even just observations who have absolutely no desire to be with another human, but are willing to be with a doll. There are also those who chose to live the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) or Feminists who feel no need for human companions, but wish to have the companionship of a doll.


Yep, this is a big reason for wanting a doll companion. Some people out there just want an inanimate object to have sex with. No performance anxiety, no performance or appearance expectations, just sex at any given time, any given way; a doll is always ready and willing. That and sex with a doll is actually very fun!

Photo courtesy of Google Search

Partner Unable/Unwilling to engage in Sex:

Sometimes there are instances in which the other partner is unable (medical, primarily) or is unwilling (marital strife, loss of libido/interest in sex, etc.), but the first partner still wishes to engage in sexual activity, or possibly the other partner is not willing to participate in sexual activity that they deem to be taboo or inappropriate in some manner. The first partner does not wish to stray outside of the marriage bed with another human, therefore a doll companion comes into the picture.

Fantasies and other Marriage Enhancements:

A lot of times in a marriage, a doll companion is brought in to help portray a fantasy (think threesome, the excitement of having ‘someone else’ watch or one partner watch the other engage in sexual activity with the doll) or even enhance the marriage, through these fantasies or other scenarios.


Then there are those who obtain a doll companion for photography purposes. Maybe it is to enhance their photography skills, or for a hobby. These dolls serve as wonderful muses for their companions. You can get very creative with them as far as styling and posing and they don’t bring all the dramatics of human models (DIVA!!! and the unnecessary need to vomit up the tiny sliver of carrot they had as their only meal that day), unless you give them a personality and want them to, but that’s all a matter of preference. Besides, dolls can hold poses, with a third point of contact, of course far longer than a human can.

Larry posing during a photoshoot

I know I have not covered every possible scenario, but I figured this would be a good start.

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