I Dreamt I met the REAL Larry!

I had a dream yesterday that I actually met the real, ‘human’ Larry! It was so awesome! No, there wasn’t any sex involved, (whomp-whomp) but it was still great! I wish I could dream stuff like this every night, but with sex involved haha!

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It starts off as I was in LA and on a television show with Jim Carrey. I was being celebrated for winning some kind of contest and I was going to get a professional grade camera for my photoshoots and such. Jim and I were talking after the show was over and he had asked me what one dream I had that had not been fulfilled and that I would love to see happen in my lifetime. I told him that I wanted to meet the real, human Larry Sportello, but that I never felt it would happen. Jim sits there and thinks for a minute and says he will see what he can do.

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Meanwhile, I am whisked away to some kind of after party with all these celebs and rich people congratulating me on winning the contest. I have no idea what the contest was, but who cares? I won something! Hehe. I am talking to some of these people and am asking security where I go to pick up my new camera. All of a sudden, this lady appears and says that Larry wants to meet me in his hotel room and to follow her. I get all excited and quietly follow her down this long and quiet/empty hall to a dark hotel room. There are a couple of people in the room and it is dark. I see a figure laying in the bed sleeping. I look at her and ask, “Is this some kind of joke? He’s asleep. I don’t think it would be a good idea if I wake him.” She nods reassuringly and motions for me to walk over to Larry. The guy wakes up and it is definitely NOT Larry. It is a guy who is dressed to look like him, but not very well. I stand there, stunned. Is this a prank? Why would someone want to take advantage of me and make fun of a lifelong dream? Everyone in the room starts laughing. I frown and tell them that while I’m all for a good prank and all, that this was outright cruel and I walk out of the room. I felt so awful and stupid. I head back to the after party.

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Jim shows up and he asks me how my ‘meeting’ with Larry went and I proceed to tell him that I understand he is a comedian and all, but that he shouldn’t mess with people’s dreams and that I didn’t appreciate being mocked like that. He apologizes and tells me not to worry and that the real and true Larry is on his way. I give him a ‘yeah right’ look. He walks away to talk to some other guests and HH walks up to me and asks me if I’m ready to go. I tell him that I am waiting for my camera (which I still haven’t gotten at this point). He says ok and stands with me, waiting.

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Suddenly we hear loud screams (the kind from excited fans, not those of terror and fear) and I look over in the direction of the screams and I see THE REAL LARRY walk in the door! He has his long curly locks, the sideburns, sunglasses, denim shirt and bell bottom corduroys on. I can’t fucking believe it! He hushes the crowd and he calls out to me. I still can’t say anything or move and HH points to me. Larry starts walking toward me and outstretches his arms for me to come to him. I slowly walk over to him and he pulls me in close for the best hug ever! Our foreheads and noses are touching and he is smiling at me and I am trying to find words to tell him. He quietly says, “I heard that you had a dream to meet me someday. I’ve heard quite a bit about you, great things, of course!” I manage to squeak out, “Yes! Finally, you are really here! I am in your arms! Now I can die happy!” He continues to hold me close and we continue to have our moment. He says, “I can’t stay long, but I wanted to help you fulfill your dream and make you happy.” I say, “I’m happy. I really am. I can’t believe you are really here!” We embrace for a moment longer, he is still smiling at me and then he is ushered away by security. I stand there in awe and shell shock. I can’t believe my dream had actually come true!

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Next thing I know, the after party is over and HH had already left and so I was still waiting for my camera and to find a way back to the hotel where I was staying before heading back home. Security walk up to me and they say that Larry would like to see me one more time before we both leave. Before I know it, I am being whisked away to a quiet place in the hotel where Larry and I embrace eachother for a few more moments. Then I wake up. BEST…DREAM…EVER!

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