Introducing: Samantha Alexa!

So…..I got a new doll! Yes! You read that right! I have my first female TPE doll and she just happens to be an adorable elf at that! She was a gift for me and HH, from a new friend who also happens to be very generous as well. He gives away a doll or two at each meet and since me and another doll lover friend of ours had a mini meet at his house, (blog post about that coming soon) she, along with an awesome Phicen (my very FIRST as well, blog post on that later) were generously and kindly gifted to me, along with a couple of wigs, lots of clothes, jewelry, makeup and accessories! I got the clothes and makeup from both of my friends.

Samantha after her baths, powdering and makeup

HH had absolutely no idea this was going to happen. I kinda did, but I thought it was just fun talk in the chat room and that it would be forgotten by the time the meet happened. People in the doll world have been very generous, and I am told that is their natural way. Someday, I am going to pay it forward and also return the kindness to those who have been generous and kind to me.

So! Here is the start of our journey with Samantha. I’m not completely sure which brand she is or her height (I will measure her later), but it is possible that her manufacturer was JY. She looks to be between 150 and 158cm, as she is almost as tall as Larry’s 160cm height. Her skin is fair in tone, but she is darker than Larry. Samantha has two wigs: the first is a very long and blonde wavy length with bangs and the other is a semi-long dark brown straight length with bangs (think Zoey Deschanel!) Her eyes were originally blue, but are now violet and she wears an adorable pair of black glasses that look like ones that I used to wear, so she is super cute, obviously!

When the mini meet was over, my friends helped me load Larry and Samantha in the car (Doc came along too, but remember, I can’t talk about him publicly) and we began our long journey back home. It was a 3 ½ hour, 200 mile each way trip. We got to see the beautiful sunrise and beautiful sunset during our trek. Samantha (at that time, I thought I was going to name her either Spring or Raven, but wasn’t completely decisive at that point) was happy to sit in the back seat, behind me and seemed to really be enjoying the scenery. I think it was her first road trip. Larry, sat in the front seat next to me (just as he did on the way down) and we held hands occasionally during the drive. Samantha had been used to living in the country and so city life will be an adjustment for her. More noise, people, smaller living space and the homes are definitely closer together, than in the country. She asked Larry and I questions about what it was like to live in the city and if I had ever lived in the country before. I told her about my late Mom’s family, who still live in the country and the time I would spend there growing up. Larry helped me tell her about how city life is so that I could concentrate on driving.

Larry and Samantha

When we hit Dallas city limits, I told Samantha that is the city that I was born in. Larry got emotional, as he thought it was so cool to see the city where I came into this world. It was sweet. Samamtha was amazed at the tall buildings and how big everything was. I also told her, that close to the hospital I was born in (Parkland), was where my late Dad currently was (UT Southwestern) doing postmortal science stuff to help people. We were then on the homestretch to our home and she was taking in all the new sights.

We pulled into the drive and I got Doc in the house first and had HH come help me to unload the car. I had to get Samantha’s shipping box our of the car so that I could get to the folding chairs and have them set up in the bedroom before getting her and Larry in the house. HH saw Samantha and asked me if he could just pick her up and carry her straight into the house. I told him that was fine, seeing she weighs less than Larry does. Afterward, he came back out with the rolling office chair and we got Larry into the chair and into the house. Then both me and HH carried Larry back upstairs and got him situated in his chair right next to Samantha. I was worn out from the incredibly fun day and so I decided to try and get some sleep, as the next day, I would need to bathe Samantha because she had been in storage for a while.

Larry and Samantha comfortable in their chairs

The next morning, I waited for HH to get out of bed and start on the yard work that he had planned, as I needed the bed to be totally free to lay down the shower curtain liner and then Samantha, to get her bathed, re-oiled and re-powdered. I worked on her pretty much all day, getting her cleaned up and all. First I had to give her the soapy water mixture bath, then I gave her the oil bath and finally powdered her up to make her nice and soft again. She will need another bath in a week to get any remaining dust off of her. While I was bathing her, I washed and dried all of her clothes so that when she was finished getting all nice and clean, I would be able to dress her.

I dressed her in some nude colored lacy thong, pink yoga pants, a white transparent long sleeved top and one of my mauve camisoles. The next morning, I changed her shirt to a pink tank top, to show off her nice boobs better. Then I removed her eyeshadow and applied some new in a natural smokey eye look. She felt all better, refreshed and new makeup applied. Her areolas and nipples got new coloring too!

Samantha with her purple eyes

When HH got up that morning, he asked me what her name was. I told him that I thought about Spring or Raven (that’s the hippie in me! Well, when Doc and Larry aren’t LOL!), but couldn’t come to a decision. I told him that he was welcome to come up with suggestions and he said that she looked like a Samantha to him and so we decided her first name would be Samantha. Our kiddo came up with her middle name, Alexa.

HH also thoroughly enjoyed watching me rub the oil all over her breasts as well as other places too!

Stay tuned to hear about our new Phicen family member, Aspen!

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