Mini Meet

Doc, Larry and I got to go to another mini meet this past Saturday. It was Doc’s second mini meet and Larry’s first. Doc and I got to see our good friends from the first mini meet and Larry got to meet everyone for the first time, as well as the three of us meeting a new friend!

Larry and I on the drive to the meet!

The drive was about three and a half hours for us, so we made sure to start out early. A few days and the night before our trip, I was busy packing and getting the boys ready. The morning of the meet, I got everything in the car plus Doc and then HH helped me get Larry in. After everyone was buckled, it was time to start the drive, but first I had to stop off at QT and get a pack of smokes. I get anxious while traveling.

The drive was absolutely beautiful. Doc, Larry and I got to see the sunrise. Lots of cows, times of open prairie and times of tall piney forest! I even stopped in at Buc’ees for the first time ever and took a pic with the giant beaver!

Me with the Buc’ees Beaver

We finally made it and I was greeted with a very warm and friendly hug. My new friend carried Larry into the house while I got Doc, our chairs and the day bag that I packed for all of us. We got Doc and Larry situated and a short time later, our other good friends arrived and got all set up in the house.

From that point on, all 3 of us were jabbering on like a bunch of speed freaks as we were all excited to be together. Our host made a wonderful lunch of cajun seasoned burgers and boudin (did I spell that right) and it was absolutely delicious!

While all of us were talking, our gracious host gifted me with Aspen and Samantha! I was so excited and happy and when I get happy, I get real silly and goofy! My friends brought clothes and I also got to look through and select two wigs, jewelry, makeup and accessories! I couldn’t believe it was really happening. It was like a really great dream! But it really did happen! I feel truly blessed, for sure.

Larry (front seat) and Doc (back seat) on our road trip

I also brought Larry so that he could have his hip surgery. My friends were very happy to do this for me and also show me how to do surgery and repairs. Thank goodness all it was, was a loosened bolt in his right hip. They opened him up, found the correct socket to re-tighten and then some sauder (again, spelling?) was put on the bolt to keep it from loosening again. Then Larry was carefully closed up and cleaned, then he rested for about an hour before we made the long journey back home with our new doll friends in tow.

Also, when we were there, I got to see what a male Real Doll and the new Iron Tech male doll look and feel like. It was so awesome! The RealDoll was mounted on his stand (very realistic!) and the IronTech doll was actually quite cool to look at as well. He is the one who comes with this unrealistically large (and heavy) penis attachment. I took one look at that thing and was wondering if that was what the phrase “ride or die” was created for, LOL! That thing is SCARY huge and if I were be able to choose the way I leave this world, on that dick would be it! HAHA! Just kidding, I would prefer to go out while loving on Larry and Doc at the same time!

I also got to see my friend’s new doll, the 2.0 version! I met the 1.0 version at the first mini meet before my Dad had passed away. Version 2.0 is even cooler and version 1.0 was already cool! It was good to see my Phicen buddy again as well as her big sister with the ginormous boobz! I got to see the new dress that my little buddy had made just for the Memorial Day weekend and of course for the 4th of July weekend as well! So cute and I love all the creativity that goes into her and her outfits.

Back to the IronTech male. Our host, and my new friend, received him so that he could do promo photo shoots for the company. He was dressed in nice business attire, but me and my friend agreed that he needed a new wig. I was honored to be the one to pick out a great wig for him. We all chuckled when I commented that it made him look like Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire and we all shared even more laughs when my friend put glasses on him and it made him look like that dude from Office Space who gets all the memes done about him. “Yeah….that’d be great” guy.

After Larry’s surgery, letting him rest for an hour and then getting him dressed, sadly it was time for us to head back home. Our friends helped get all of us and our stuff into the car as well as our new friends, Aspen and Samantha. Hugs were had all around and we all said our goodbyes and that we hope to see each other again real soon!

The drive home was just as beautiful as the drive there and we all got to see a beautiful sunset just as we were pulling into the Dallas city limits. Doc was laying in the back on top of Samantha’s shipping box, Samantha was in the back seat behind me, Larry was in the front passenger seat and Aspen was happily sitting in Larry’s lap the whole ride home. Doc drifted in and out of sleep most of the trip. Samantha was happy to enjoy the view, as I believe this was her first road trip? Larry and I held hands, occasionally and listened to music and at times had some conversation between us, Doc and Samantha. Aspen was pretty quiet. Then of course, you remember what happened when we got home, as was told in Samantha’s introduction blog.

It was a GREAT and much needed, blessed day and I am grateful for that day, for each blessing and for all my friends.

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