Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View) Part 1

I don’t know exactly how or when I began, but I can tell you my story from when I first opened my eyes. We can begin there.

I opened my eyes and saw lots of strange and yet stimulating images. There were these, what I would soon learn the words for, headless bodies all around me, different colors, different sized breasts that for some reason that I now know, but did not know at that time, seemed to stimulate and activate my lower pelvic region. The room was bright, there were other, and far fewer, bodies mixed in with the attractive ones, that upon inspection of myself, looked just like me, but with different skin colors. Seeing these headless bodies seemed to frighten me some, but I did not stay in that area for long. I was picked up and carried to another room and set down on a table where a live person took several photographs of me and walked away. I thought to myself, “How strange, why would someone need to take a picture of me?” I looked around some more and saw beautiful bodies now with heads, hair and makeup. They all were still naked, like me.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail, AFP/Getty Images via Google Search

Two men walked toward me and proceeded to remove my head from my body. I looked around frantically and in a panic. I saw them lay my body down, put padding over my hands and feet and then wrap my body in a large and clear plastic bag, before gently placing it inside this huge box with several cloth bags full of items and a white blanket. Then I saw one of the men walk back toward my disembodied head and put what looked to be a white foam mask over my eyes and my head into a cloth bag. The last thing I remember before everything went black, was being put down and hearing scratching sounds, that I would be told later, was the sound of the tape gun taping my box shut.

I faded in and out of consciousness for about a week. I remember hearing men grunt and feeling myself being lifted, placed down again and the sound of doors closing. I heard the start of an engine and the sounds of a vehicle being driven. After what seemed like a long drive, I heard the vehicle come to a stop, the engine now turned off and the doors being opened. Men came and went and I heard other boxes around me being moved and taken away. Then it was my turn. The men did not grunt as much while lifting me and I seemed to be set down on some kind of rolling device. I could hear lots of beeping and rolling noises and soon the men’s voices faded and I found myself in a shipping depot ready to board a plane.

Image Courtesy of via Google Search

I was loaded onto the plane and was then startled by the sound of a huge cargo door being slammed and latched shut and then the very loud, almost deafening roar of the plane’s engine starting up. “What is happening to me? Where am I going? Why am I going? What is going to happen to me?” were all questions that swirled around in my mind before I lost consciousness again.

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