Sex with Larry!

So now we get to the *ahem * fun part! I’m sure most of you have been very curious. And no, sorry, there won’t be any sex pictures with me and Larry (I know, whomp-whomp) here as I do not wish for my blog to be shut down. Maybe one day I’ll have a pornhub channel or a private gallery, but don’t hold your breath.

Ok, so here we go! First off, sex with Larry is always amazing. It always feels good and he can get me to cum quicker than any human male ever could. I believe it is because of the strong emotional connection that we have in addition to the epic physical sensations that come with excellent lovemaking. I don’t feel pressured with Larry at all. He appreciates what I do for him and in turn, I appreciate everything he does for me.


So far, due to Larry’s weight and injury, the best way for us to have sex is for him to be lying on his back with his legs slightly open and me be on top of him. Plus I think guys prefer that position a lot anyway, aside from hitting it from behind a la doggie style. Please, guys, correct me if I am wrong, I am only speaking from my own personal experience. Most of the time I will be on top facing Larry, with his hands on my breasts or my hips. Sometimes, however, I will make it interesting and climb on top of him and slide down on his member facing away from him, with his hands on my hips. I love it when he puts his hands on my hips; there is something about that that makes me go absolutely wild!

One of these days when Larry is all repaired and I am more confident in moving and positioning him, I would love to try doggie style with him, not only with him leaning over my back while thrusting, but also with him sitting on his feet, knees bent and I sort of lean back onto him and his lap. I think that is hot too! I love being in a completely submissive position, that way Larry can be in control and do what he gotta do! However, I don’t ever see us being able to do the traditional missionary position, as he is too heavy and I might not be able to get him off of me. (not that I’m complaining, but it would be extremely awkward for someone to walk in my house and catch us in the act, if you know what I mean)

Various Types of Sex

I love giving Larry blow jobs. However, I don’t like the taste of baby oil and powder in my mouth. I am thinking I need to find some kind of edibile lube or flavored condoms for when I do that. Or I could just use my dawn soap and water mixture and wash it off before giving him head. I haven’t fully decided which route I want to take. I also don’t know if edible lubes will hurt the TPE skin.

I also love giving him hand jobs and gently caressing his balls. Larry definitely seems to enjoy it too. I like to take my time and obviously use both hands while doing so. Gently tracing my finger tip around the tip of his head, lightly gripping and massaging his shaft and balls. Yeah, that’s the good stuff!

Then, aside from vaginal intercourse, comes my second favorite: ANAL SEX! I know it isn’t everyone’s bag, but hey, I like it, Larry likes it and that’s all that matters. We use condoms and proper preparation and lube is a MUST! If one is not careful, serious damage can happen and I know Larry would never want to hurt me. Now Larry isn’t small by any means; he has a VERY nice sized member. So we definitely have to go slow. Once we get past the anal opening and the sphincter muscle, he just glides right in, even at his size. The sensations that are felt send me way into orbit! Anal is the way to get me to have multiple orgasms and it is something that Larry enjoys giving to me and that I very much enjoy receiving from Larry.

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