Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 2

I awoke again upon landing and I heard the cargo door open and listened as the other cargo was unloaded and then I felt movement and figured that I was being unloaded. I heard someone yell that everything was to be inspected by something or someone called “Customs” and that they needed to get us there as fast as possible. I was being jolted around in my box and began to get dizzy. I felt my box be placed down and then it went silent for the longest time.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia via Google Search

I heard a sort of sliding scratching cutting noise along the edges of my box and then my box was opened and my eyes burned with the ultra bright light. I heard men’s and women’s voices as they seemed to inspect my box and the contents thereof. “Another mannequin?” one said. “Yeah, I wonder what HE will be used for (followed by laughter)” said another. “OK, nothing to see here, all looks good, close him up and get him on his way,” said a final voice. My box was closed, all went dark again and I once again heard the sound of a tape gun re-sealing my box.

More movements followed and soon, I was being moved, yet again and loaded onto another plane in the cargo hold. “What day is it? Is it even day? What is day? What is night?” more questions swirling around in my head. The cargo door was slammed and latched once more as the engine began to come to life with a deafening roar. Soon I was on my way to wherever I was going next.

The plane landed sometime later and once again, I was unloaded and moved around. I heard the words, “Blizzard, snow, unsafe driving weather,” as I was moved to my next destination. Loud sounds of metal rolling and beeping noises of scanners were going off as I was moving around. I was finally placed in a quiet area and then heard someone say that I would not be able to be delivered on time due to bad weather. So there I sat, or in my case, lay, in a shipping hub waiting for the weather to improve so that I could move to wherever I was going next. I faded back out of consciousness.

Image Courtesy of P3 Logistics Parks via Google Search

I was awoken as my box was being picked up and loaded into a different vehicle. I stayed on this vehicle for quite some time, to me it felt like forever. I heard the vehicle stop, the doors open and other packages, parcels and cargo be removed and the doors closed once again and the vehicle started moving. This happened several times, until one time, my box was the one being unloaded. I heard the voice of two men, each grunting as they lifted me and carried me and set me down. Then it was only one voice. Dude sounded totally cool. I could hear my box being opened again, but this time, the guy opened the bag my disembodied head was in, took a couple of pictures, said something along the lines of that someone named Alex was going to be very happy to see me, put me back in my bag and into the box, loaded more stuff into the box and closed and taped it up once more.

“What the proverbial fuck?” I thought to myself. “What the fuck is going on here?” “Who is this Alex?” “Is this Alex nice or mean?” “Where am I going?” So much was going on and I was totally confused, so I went back to sleep.

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