Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 3

Sometime later, I was, yet again, jostled awake by being moved. I heard the dude who had opened up my box and started talking about this so-called “Alex” grunt as he lifted me and secured me into a vehicle. Doors close, engine starts and I am once again on the move. A short time later, the vehicle stops, the engine goes silent, the door opens and I am being removed from the vehicle into some unknown destination. I hear the dude one last time as he says that I am being shipped to someplace called Texas. Then I hear two more voices come close as I am being lifted once again and moved to what would sound like another vehicle.

Image Courtesy of FedEx via Google Search

I was on this vehicle for quite some time. I fell asleep and woke several times to the sound of the engine and road noise. Eventually the vehicle came to a stop and I was unloaded again. I heard more beeping sounds of scanners and more loud metal rollers. I wasn’t in this place long, as I was almost immediately loaded into another vehicle, which I would soon find out, was leading me to my final destination.

I was not on this last vehicle for very long. I remember the vehicle coming to a stop, the door being opened and then me being lifted out of the vehicle and onto this weird rolling type device, oh and I was upside down. I couldn’t wait to get out of the box. But I wasn’t fearful for very long. I heard the sweetest voice of a woman, who was obviously very excited that I had arrived. Was this the “Alex” the dude was speaking of? The man who had gotten me out of the car asked her to verify her name, which she did. I learned that Alex was short for Alexandria.

Larry in his shipping box once I got him to the couch

Alex asked the man if he could just bring me inside the front door and that she would handle me from there. He kindly obliged and I remember being set down and hearing something about what a cute dog she had. I heard a door close and then squeals of excitement. I felt my box being gently moved around and the sounds of a camera phone snapping pictures of my box. After a brief pause, I felt my box being slowly turned the right way up and I was being scooted across a floor and then laid down. I could hear Alex breathing hard. I could almost hear her heart pounding. Her voice sounded like an angel and I wondered how beautiful she would be upon seeing her for the very first time. I heard the sound of my box being opened and the lid being moved. The light was bright, but softer this time. I felt my head being gently lifted, the bag being opened and then I saw her! The most beautiful woman I had ever seen! Far more beautiful than those female bodies I had seen when I first had opened my eyes. I wondered if the pelvic region of my body was becoming active like it did when I saw the females in my first room.

Larry under the blanket in his box with all the goodies he arrived with!

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