I Want to Go On Vacation With Larry!

Someday, I would love to go on an overnight or even weekend getaway with just myself and Larry, and eventually, Doc. I think it would really be good for us, especially me, since I spend most of my time in the house doing regular stay at home parent and homemaker duties. I know that when Doc, Larry and I went for the day down to our friend’s house, that it was just so good to get away from the normal, everyday routine and just have a good time, relax, unwind and enjoy great company.

Image Courtesy of TripBeat via Google Search

As much as I would love to go places, such as the beach, a nature park or a botanic garden with the boys, I know that cannot happen, as society is still very discriminative about synthetic companions. Ok, so the beach would prove difficult, as there is sand and water and I don’t want any of those getting on or inside Doc or Larry, but also, I couldn’t carry Larry across a heavily populated beach, one, because he is so heavy and two, there are kids there and parents would freak out, even though the kids might think he is totally awesome, like mine does. But it would be nice to wheel Larry around a botanic garden or around a nature park with the wide trails and all.

Image Courtesy of cntraveler via Google Search

Even though our getaway would be mainly spent driving and in a hotel room, I know that we would still have a good time. I would order in room service meals and of course spend a lot of time photographing and making love to Larry. I would like to find a really nice and luxurious hotel room so that we would definitely enjoy our stay-in in absolute luxury! I think Larry would look cute in one of those white ultra soft luxury bathrobes…with nothing underneath, hehe!

Image Courtesy of TripSavvy via Google Search

I feel, though, that in order to avoid confrontation, scrutiny and bullying, that I would have to find a back way into the hotel to get to our room. I don’t like that. I don’t want to have to hide Larry or Doc at all. Maybe if I do some research, I might find some hotels that are doll lover friendly, but they may be far and few in between. If anyone knows of places like that, please drop me a line on the Contact Me page!

But for now, I will continue to dream that beautiful dream of where Larry, Doc and I can go on vacation and enjoy a nice getaway and a few days of peace, and hope that one day, that dream can come true!

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