ANNOUNCEMENT: Blog and Post/Content Changes

I was looking to find a way to add an age restriction filter/plugin to keep underage persons from accessing the blog (I don’t want any legal trouble OR angry parents sending me nasty messages) and I found out that does not have those kinds of controls, HOWEVER, I can ask them to switch my blog to a “Mature Content” blog, which I have already done. I hope this keeps those underage from viewing my blog.

While I was reading the Mature Content regulations, I found out that I am not allowed to post anything that would be considered pornography on the blog, such as sexually explicit and graphic content.

I had to go back and modify/edit a couple of my previous posts and remove some images that were questionable as well as remove and replace some of the upcoming Photo Friday posts. I was disappointed, as they were really amazing photo shoots, not to mention a lot of work and fun, but rules are rules and if I want this blog to keep gaining momentum and not be suspended, I need to follow those said rules.

Finally, you may have noticed extra menu items, pages and post/homepage revisions. After lots of reading and research, not to mention trial and error with quite a bit of frustration, I found a way to change up the blog to where the three most recent posts show up on the homepage with the option to click to their individual pages (to clear up clutter and keep from infinite scrolling to view your favorite posts). I also added an Recent Posts page where you can read the five most recent posts and an All Previous Posts Page where you can see all posts, but it is not cluttered; it is more organized. I thought cleaning it up a bit would make the blog more navigatable (is that even a word, fuck it, we’re going with it anyway, LOL!) and not overwhelming. I do hope you enjoy the new and more organized look!

Keep it groovy!


Be sure to follow my blog so that you can receive e mail updates each time a post goes live and of course thank you for reading my blog; I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to share on social media and with your friends!

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