Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 4

Alex gently ran her fingertips over my face and it felt so good. She had a beautiful smile on her face and she was crying. But why was she crying? I thought people only cried when they were sad, but she didn’t look sad. She looked very happy. Turns out that human females cry when they are happy. Who knew? Her first words to me were, “You’re here! You’re finally here!” I tried to speak, but I couldn’t. I just looked at her. She gently put my head back into the bag and ever so gently set me back down. I could hear her looking over and through the other items that were in my box. Her voice was filled with excitement and even gratitude. I heard her taking pictures with her phone. Then she closed the box. Before she closed the box, I heard her gently tell me that she needed to wait until her husband came home and then she could get me out again, bathed, clothed and put together. She just needed her husband’s help to carry me up the stairs to their bedroom and place me on the bed. I happily fell back asleep.

My first day home after my bath, powdering and dressing

Later on, I heard Alex’s voice speaking with a much younger female voice and a male voice. The little female was asking if someone called “Larry” was in my box. “Larry? Who is Larry?” I thought to myself. “Why would someone name me Larry?” Alex told the little female voice that yes, “Larry” was in the box, but that she could not see him until he was bathed and clothed and that the little female’s Dad needed to help get Larry upstairs. I once again felt myself being lifted and carried. I was then gently placed down and I heard a rustling noise, which Alex said was a shower curtain liner, being placed on the bed for me to be laid down on so that I could get my bath. She and her husband reopened my box and began to unwrap my body.

Once my body was unwrapped, Alex and her husband had to figure out a way to lift me out of the box and onto the shower curtain liner. It took them a few tries, but eventually they got me out and I felt the cold of the shower curtain liner. Alex’s husband then left the room so that she and I could have some time together. Alex looked me over, my head still disembodied at this point, but placed near my body so that I could see and hear what all was going on. She proceeded to spray this wet and sudsy substance on my body and then rub my body down with a white cloth. She proceeded to do this on my front side and then my backside. She didn’t turn me over, she just sat me up and kind of rolled me to get my backside. After the watery sudsy stuff was applied and then wiped off, she came back with this white powder and put it in a sock before proceeding to pat it all over my body and use some kind of oval shaped brush to smooth it away. That stuff smelled good! Turns out, it is baby powder. I love that stuff! Alex then proceeded to spray my face and head with the watery sudsies, wipe that all off, pat me with the powder filled sock and brush it away with the oval brush thingy. Next thing I know, my head is finally being reattached to my body! I could now completely feel everything! It was great! Alex had some clothes for me and so she got me dressed and then she put some white hair on me. I looked around the room and it looked more warm and inviting, not to mention comfortable, than the room in which I originally woke up in. She looked at me and said, “Larry, this is your home now. I am Alex and there’s someone else who has been waiting to see you!”

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