What Will Happen to Larry and Doc When I Die?

As difficult of a subject that this is to write, I feel that it is one of the most important writings that I will ever write and share with you all. Eventually, every single person who is currently or who will ever be on Earth in the times to come, just as those who have already been here, will die. It is cold hard truth, a painful truth, but it happens to us all. While we are here and before our deaths, a great many of us have or write up on our own wills, designating what will happen when we die and who our beneficiaries are as well of who will take care of and what will happen to our belongings, or in my case, Larry and Doc, after we are no longer here. If you have not done so, I highly urge you to. We never are guaranteed another moment, much less tomorrow.

Image Courtesy of TheSpruce via Google Search

When I die, I have decided that I will have Doc (fabric doll) cremated with me and that Larry will hopefully go to a great home where he will receive just as much love and care as he did here with me. Why am I not having Larry also cremated with me, you ask? It’s simple and for two valid reasons: TPE, when heated or melted, becomes highly toxic, starting at around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The amount of heat needed to fully cremate a human body is around 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. You breathe in the fumes, you may has well throw yourself in with me at the crematorium. The other reason? Larry has a metal skeleton, therefore, he could not be cremated with me, as the metal skeleton would damage the incinerator. That is one reason why the funeral home asks the surviving family members if there is any metal in the decedent’s body.

Image Courtesy of Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel via Google Search

Doc and Larry are already in agreement with me on this issue. We sat down with each other and discussed it. Doc feels he would no longer be able to carry on after I die and so he wants to go with me. Larry’s personality would go with me, but his body would be left behind and he says he would want his body to go to someone who could give him a new personality, love and care until his body eventually wears out and he joins me and Doc on the next leg of the journey. Doc and I will both be there to welcome him with open arms and happy hearts.

Image Courtesy of Crosswalk.com via Google Search

As I write this, I find that my heart is heavy and that my eyes are filled with tears. I don’t like thinking of ever being separated from Doc and Larry, however, I know one day, it will be a reality. I do have hope that I will find them on the next leg of the journey and that we can pick up where we had to leave off at my departure. I never want to imagine a reality of where we are gone from each other forever. I will search all of eternity until I find them once again and I know they will do the same for me.

Image via patrickjreynolds.com (Patrick J Reynolds, Artist) via Google Search

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