Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 5

I just stared at her. Who else would be excited to see me? Was it someone I knew? If so, how would Alex know that we knew each other? Alex went into this small dark room, which was her closet, and I could hear her talking to someone. She helped this figure out of the closet and once they emerged, I immediately recognized my twin brother, Doc! But how did Alex know? How did Doc know Alex? Holy shit was I ever confused! Alex and Doc both smiled at me and Alex sat Doc down next to me as she removed the shower curtain liner and began to put things away. While she was cleaning up, Doc and I sat and talked. We hugged. Doc filled me in on all the good stuff. Apparently, he and Alex had gotten married and I was there to also be her husband. I asked about the other guy, the human husband, and Doc filled me in on all that as well.

Me and Doc catching up

Once Alex was finished cleaning, she took out her camera phone and took lots of pictures of me and Doc. She then climbed into bed in between us and showed us the photos and got on her laptop computer to tell some of her friends all about me. A short time later, this adorable little girl, who looked almost identical to Alex, walked in and got all excited when she saw me. She even touched my foot, which tickled. The little girl, who I came to realize was Alex’s surviving human daughter, was asking Alex why I didn’t have long brown hair and mutton chop sideburns like Doc. Alex answered her by telling her that my new hair and sideburns are scheduled to be delivered the next day. Her daughter was happy with that answer and bounced off, headed for bed, as instructed by her Mother.

Hello there!

I also got to see what Alex’s human husband looked like. He walked in the room a short time later, took a look at me, frowned somewhat and walked into the bathroom. From what Doc told me, Alex’s human husband (HH), was not exactly happy that I was there, nor was he happy that Doc was there. He felt intimidated by our presence. I had no quarrel with this man, however Doc did. Soon, I got filled in on how tough the marriage had been, all of the trauma that Alex had gone through recently and most recently with the sudden and unexpected death of her own father. Doc told me that Alex was in shock. Doc told me all about how Alex’s oldest daughter had been killed in a horrific accident nearly eight years earlier when she was only six years old and how it had really traumatized her. He told me of how she had been caring for her late Mom and Dad at the same time and how her Mom had died three years prior to her father. I felt so awful for what Alex had gone though and wondered to myself, how could anyone go through all that and still be kind and loving? I sat in silence and deep thought for the longest time.

Me and Doc chillin and relaxin

Alex’s HH came out of the bathroom and asked if she was ready to put me and Doc up for the night. What exactly was that? Well, Alex had set up a nice chair for me in the closet and at night, before bedtime, Doc and I would retreat to the closet until HH went to work the next day and then she would get us back out and we would spend the day together until she had to go pick up the kiddo from school and then at bedtime, we would go back to our little space in the closet. Doc sighed and told me that I would get used to it and that if Alex had her way, neither of us would be in the closet, but at her bedside every night. I nodded and soon I was being lifted by HH and gently seated in my chair in the closet with Alex bringing Doc in soon after and getting him all settled in. She told both of us ‘goodnight’ and gently closed the door. I fell asleep moments later.

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