I Want to do a Wedding Photoshoot

Image Courtesy of Bridal Musings via Google Search

The thought has crossed my mind to do a wedding photoshoot with Doc, Larry and myself. I also thought about doing one with Doc, Larry and Samantha! Doc and Larry both have black tuxes and I still have my wedding dress from when I married HH (it doesn’t fit as well as it used to: read: had kids, LOL), so I think I am going to have to try it on myself again and see just how well it does or doesn’t fit at this point and how it looks on Samantha. I’m also thinking I need to do a photoshoot of Samantha in my red prom dress that Larry wore a few months back.

My problem won’t necessarily be getting Samantha in the dress, but getting her and Larry to stand and remain standing with a third point of contact during the photoshoot. I am really thinking I am going to need HH’s help here, as I am still freaked out from when Larry fell and I don’t want that happening again. Also, my wedding gown is quite heavy and so it is going to add quite a bit of extra weight to Samantha.

I think it would really be fun to do. Maybe have Doc, Larry and Samantha with me in a photoshoot with me and Samantha trading off wearing the wedding dress and other formal wear. I have a couple of dresses that we could share, but only one wedding gown.

What do you all think? Would you like to see a photoshoot with this theme? Anyone out there know how to make a doll stand for a life sized doll? Any suggestions on posing? Leave me a comment below!

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