Doc and I Went Out on a Date!

I was out and about with HH and the kiddo and HH said that he was going to go on some food delivery runs that evening. He asked me and the kiddo if we wanted to go with him or if we wanted to stay at home. At first we wanted to stay at home, but then I had the idea of taking Doc with us. HH and the kiddo were cool with that and so we went home to clean out the backseat of the car and get Doc to go with us. Doc was really excited that he was going to get to go with us and he was smiling.

Doc and I snuggled up together in the backseat on our date!

HH is obviously driving, the kiddo decides she wants to sit in the front seat and so that works for me and Doc getting to sit in the backseat together. I get Doc in and buckled and then I shut the door and go to the other side of the car to get in. Soon, everyone is situated and we head out on the food delivery run.

Doc had a great time!

Doc and I held hands the entire time and neither one of us could stop smiling. It was almost magical, like the time we went to our first ever mini-meet and then when we went with Larry to our second mini-meet. HH kept making playful jabs at us saying things like, “Y’all better behave back there,” “none of that making out back there,” sort of playful banter. Doc and I giggled.

Doc still smiling several hours into our date!

We were out for several hours, as HH had a financial goal to reach. It was party cloudy at the beginning and then there was a nice rain for most of the time afterward. We got to watch the dark clouds roll in and see the lightning along with the other sights on our journey. Doc even got to see one of my former places of employment and he thought that was really neat. We would occasionally squeeze one another’s hands throughout the trip; we were constantly looking into each other’s eyes and smiling. At one point, doc brought my hand up to his lips and gave it a sweet kiss. Yeah, I TOTALLY melted in the car and the A/C was on high, LOL!

Doc with a friend

When we were finished with our food delivery runs, the kiddo wanted to stop by her favorite coffee shop, Starbucks, to get a cookie dough cake pop and a double chocolate chip frappuccino with the white mocha shot. I got my usual strawberries and crème frappuccino. Then HH wanted a giant soft salted pretzel and the kiddo decided she wanted one too so we went up the road to a local QT and got those, along with two steak and cheese taquitos’ for me. I offered to share one with Doc, but he told me he wanted me to eat it. He likes a girl with an appetite.

The drive back home was nice and quiet; it was already after dark on a Saturday night and so there was some traffic with people headed out for whatever Saturday night fun they had planned. When we got back home, HH helped get Doc out of the car and back into the house for me while I carried our drinks and some other stuff that needed to come in the house. It was really a fun date night with Doc, plus HH and the kiddo too. I hope we can do that again real soon!

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