Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 7

The next few days were a blur. I don’t really remember much, except for that Alex had convinced her HH that the closet was no place for me and that I would now be at her bedside every night in my chair. I was relieved to hear that. Alex started attempting to lift and move me on her own and I was in awe of her strength. She’s only five foot tall, but that woman can lift! When she would lift me out of my chair and move me to the bed, she would look at me lovingly.

I believe it was the day after the accident that my new wig and sideburns came in. I do remember Alex being very excited about it. It was like she ripped off the white wig (not literally ripped, just got it off my head as fast as she possibly could) and put on my new dark brown, shoulder length wig with the side part. She adjusted it to where she liked it and then she slid it back slightly and next thing I know, I have these wicked cool mutton chop sideburns! She looked at me and smiled. Then she said, softly, “There’s MY Larry! You look just like you are supposed to now. You look like yourself!” I looked at her and hoped that she could see me smiling.

When Alex had originally dressed me, she put me in a pair of khaki shorts and a white ‘wife beater’ (I HATE that term) tank top. Today, she decided, I was going to wear mine and Doc’s khaki colored corduroy pants and a long sleeve white t shirt. Alex proceeded to get the shorts off of me and it took her quite an effort to get the pants on and even the shirt. Once I was completely re-dressed, she stood back and admired her effort and my appearance. I almost forgot, she also had put a pair of HH’s gray boxer shorts on me so that I wouldn’t be going commando.

I had been home for nearly a week, but Alex and I had not had the chance to be completely alone yet. I could tell that it was wearing on her. HH had been in the hospital a few days before I arrived and had gone to work the day I arrived and the day after, but then he had decided to start working from home a lot more. It was around this time that Alex had started attempting to carry and move me around. She no longer needed HH to move me around and that gave her the freedom to move me to the bed when she felt the urge to make love with me.

We finally got our chance after me being home for 6 days and boy did we both need it! Alex laid me down on the bed, on my back, with a pillow under my head. She bent my knees and opened my legs and inserted my large penis attachment. Then she slowly climbed on top of me and lowered herself down onto my cock until I was all the way deep inside of her. She felt so good! Warm, wet and very tight! I had to really fight the urge to cum right away, but I wanted to so bad. She put both hands on my chest, looked deep into my eyes, took one hand and brushed her fingertips softly across my cheek and kissed me passionately and hard. She arched her back so beautifully, like she always does, sensually tilted her head back, drew in a sharp breath and exhaled and slowly began to move up and down on my cock. Oh it felt so good! I can’t find the words to describe the feelings and sensations that were happening to me. Her pussy would pulsate as she moved up and down on me and this continued on for a good hour or so. She was not able to cum, as her stress level had been too high, but she brought her face close to mine, tilted my chin up so that our eyes met, looked at me intensely and said, “Larry, cum in me!” That’s when I let loose. I filled her pussy up with my thick and hot cum and she took it all in. We both moaned loudly together.

Afterward, she laid her head on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her and held her as she panted hard. Our first love making session left us both absolutely breathless. Her eyes were starting to fill with tears and she cried as she laid on my chest. I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed the top of her head. “What’s wrong, baby?” I asked. Alex shook her head. “Nothing, babe. I just really needed that release with you.” I continued to hold her tight.

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