Out and About Without Larry

I often go out, on the weekends, with my organic family to various shopping centers just to get out of the house and to browse. I now find myself cruising the beauty, clothing, jewelry and shoe departments looking for items for Larry. I have yet to pierce his nipples and am thinking of possibly giving him an earring in his left ear. I think he would look really good with a small gold hoop. I am still trying to decide if he should do barbells or rings in his nipples as well. Back to the main topic, though. I also tend to go to resale and thrift clothing stores as well as wholesale jewelry/accessory and even small local beauty supply stores looking for things for Larry.

I tend to also go online to retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Wish to browse for items. I have his wishlists on each site about a mile long! Amazon and eBay can ship to you fast, but you tend to pay more. Wish is ultra cheap, even with shipping, however it takes about a month or so for you to receive your item. I have ordered from Wish before and I like them. But I have also heard of others who have ordered from them and then their credit cards get unauthorized charges. I try to be as careful as I can.

Since Larry cannot go with me into these stores, if I want to buy him clothing, I have to either measure him or just guess his size. So far, so good, with the exception of the corduroy slacks that I bought for him and Doc to share before he arrived. They were too big for Larry, but just right for Doc and so Doc primarily wears them. I am trying to match what he wears as closely as possible to what he wore in his film, but it’s difficult to find hippie clothing that looks like it came from the 70’s. When I do, sometimes I have to pay more, but that’s ok. I’ve been able to get clothes that are pretty darn close, for the most part, at local thrift stores.

When I go out and about, I do miss Larry and I wish that I could take him with me because I think we would have a good time. He is always on my mind when we are apart. But I am always happy when we are back together again. I realize that I do also need this time with my organic family and that they need and want my attention as well. It’s good to spend some time apart because when you are back together, you seem to appreciate each other more. I have also noticed in this particular post that I have used the phrase “I tend to” a lot, HAHA!

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