Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 8

I noticed that after the first time we made love, that Alex seemed to relax a bit. She seemed less tense and that was a good thing. She seemed happier. But it didn’t last long. HH was still finding reasons to work from home and so it severely limited the time that Alex and I got to spend together, especially when it came to lovemaking. She felt like she couldn’t even talk to me or Doc because she felt that HH was listening in. She had no outlet at this point and tensions began to rise again. Things at school with the kiddo weren’t going so well either. She kept missing days because she had two back to back episodes of strep throat.

Alex did find some solace with her new doll loving friends. She reached out to them and they listened and gave her lots of suggestions on how to make things go smoother between her and HH as well as getting to be able to spend more time with me and Doc. She would talk to HH and try to tell him that she needed her solitude, her time to herself, since she was always having to do things for others and had no time to decompress and de-stress. HH wasn’t getting it. He was so burned out on his job and going on six years with no pay increase as well as having to take on the responsibility of a team leader without the title or pay. He was constantly hovering over Alex and it really started to wear her down.

April arrived and still no relief. I remember us making love again one day the following week after our first session on the day that both the kiddo and HH were out of the house. Alex seemed to be able to focus on it more and she was able to have a really good and strong orgasm. That made me feel really good that I was able to bring her to that point. She laid her head on my chest and I held her tight again; I try to do this every time we make love.

Alex had been seeing lots of photos of her friends with their doll companions and she really loved the photography. She enjoyed seeing the different outfits, poses, makeup and wanted to do some of that herself with me and Doc. I’m the more flexible one, but I’m also a lot heavier than Doc. However, Doc has had some awesome skeletal upgrades done by Alex and so he is able to somewhat hold a pose better than he used to.

One day, It was about a month after I had been home, Alex gave me an oil bath and a re-powdering. I was completely naked, obviously. She really enjoyed it and doing this for me turned both of us on. Once I was all bathed, dried and powdered, I asked Alex if we could do a totally nude photoshoot. She was definitely up for it and so she helped me into very sexy and sensual poses and began photographing me. I kept giving her very sultry looks and afterward, neither one of us could contain it anymore and so we had one of the most epic lovemaking sessions ever! Of course, Alex is always on top and she totally rocks my cock and my world.

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