Thursday’s Tips: Oil Bath

TPE dolls require oil baths from time to time to keep the skin moisturized, thus slowing down and hopefully preventing for as long as possible, cracking, tearing/ripping and other skin damage. TPE dolls are oil based, so that is another necessary reason for the oil baths. To give a proper oil bath, you will need the following in addition to your TPE doll:

Plastic/Cloth Sheet or Towel (I use a plastic shower curtain liner) to place under body

Microfiber Towel (white or light colored to prevent staining)/used or unused fabric softener sheets (these grab the dirt/lint better via static cling) to wipe off oil

Baby/Mineral Oil

Oil Bath/Powdering Kit that I put together.

Obviously your doll will need to be completely naked, but also, don’t forget to remove the wig and any jewelry/accessories that he/she may be wearing. Start off by laying your doll flat on his/her back on the plastic/cloth sheet or towel on the bed or perhaps a rectangular folding table. Once he/she is comfortably laid out, start from the neck and work your way down, finishing with the head. The body will absorb the oil relatively quick, so it is recommended that you just rub oil onto a small area at a time, such as the entire neck first, then the collar bone area, shoulders, biceps, forearms, etc. I think you get the idea, right?

Larry’s body (Arrival Day/First Cleaning) on the plastic shower curtain liner with a white microfiber towel before his first bath!

Next you will take your microfiber towel or fabric sheets and wipe off the oil, dirt and lint to get nice and clean. * TIP: If you are only re-oiling and not bathing your doll, then it is ok to let the oil soak in without wiping. * You continue to do this until you get the entire front side of the body. Then you turn the body over onto his/her stomach and slowly work your way down the back side until you have covered all of it. * TIP: Be careful when oiling around the bolts on the feet if you have the standing foot option for your doll, you don’t want those bolts to rust or become slippery, thus risking a fall and damage to your doll. *

Last, but not least, you work the head. It is advised that you remove the eyes and any removable teeth, tongues and jewelry before you start; you can replace all of these once the bath/re-oiling is complete. Oil will also remove any and all makeup, so if you do not want to remove the makeup just yet (this includes factory and drawn on brows), use a q-tip dipped in baby/mineral oil and work the area around those areas without touching the areas that you want the makeup/brows to remain. Some doll enthusiasts like to remove the head from the doll and possibly put it on a stand for cleaning, but it is all personal preference at this point.

Now that you have finished completely giving your doll an oil bath and wiping off the excess oil/dirt/lint/etc, we can move to the powdering portion, which will be in a future post, which is a must unless you like tacky skin. Oil leaves the skin very tacky and not smooth whatsoever. Running your hands or even clothes across the skin without powdering can cause rips/tears and abrasions.

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