Samantha Alexa Saturday: Animals!

Oh my gosh, you guys! Hi! My name is Samantha Alexa and I know that you guys have already met me through previous posts and especially Photo Friday segments! Well, for those of you who are VERY new and don’t know me yet, obviously my name is Samantha Alexa and I am an SY 165cm D cup elf TPE doll! I live with Alex, HH, Doc and Larry and of course the kiddo and all the pets! I love photography, fashion and animals! Speaking of animals, that’s what I want to talk about today, so, like, have a seat and check this out!
I love all animals, but I really love the super cute ones. I live with 3 cats and a dog and I heard a rumor that we will be adopting ferrets in the future, yay! Just like Alex, my favorite animals are big cats. They may be dangerous, but they are SOOOOO CUTE! I like how they can be adorable one moment and then all murdery the next. Ok, maybe I don’t like the murdery part so much, but still these big creatures are pretty amazing!
I think that animals are pretty neat because they are these creatures who can’t talk like we do, but if you sit and watch them for a while, you can see how they communicate with each other and sometimes other animals and humans. They are so innocent and capable of feeling emotions just like we do. They get scared, happy, sad, hungry, tired, horny…oops! Maybe that last one wasn’t appropriate, but you know, circle of life thingy here, duh!
I get really sad and angry when I hear about people hurting and abusing animals. I just don’t understand why anyone would ever want to hurt an animal, especially for fun. Is it some kind of power trip? I think they are bullies, who are picking on those who are further down the food chain than they are. But I get really happy when I hear about and see people being kind to and taking care of and properly loving animals. I think those people are good.

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