HH’s Adaptation to Doll Life

At first, HH was not at all interested in life sized dolls. He actually thought it was very strange and did not understand anything about the doll world. There were times when he would let me talk about it, but I still couldn’t get him to understand. The one day everything changed.

Memorial Day weekend, Doc, Larry and I went down to a good friend’s house (about a three and a half hour drive south of where we live) for a mini doll meet. We also had another good friend of ours and his dolls come down too. The second friend was the one that I had met, along with his lovely lady dolls, at the first mini meet I ever went to.

As you all know, Doc, Larry and I did not come back home with just us; we had two new friends in tow: Samantha Alexa ( 145CM D-F cup Female Elf) and Aspen (1/6th scale Phicen Female). When HH saw Samantha Alexa in the car, it piqued his interest. He gently got her out of the car and actually carried her in the house, up the stairs and set her down in her chair all by himself. The next morning he was already asking what her name was and had chosen a name for her.

Then came the threesome with Larry and the orgy with Larry and Samantha Alexa, followed by HH helping Doc make love to me. We haven’t had a threesome with Samantha Alexa yet, but I have a good feeling that it will happen sooner rather than later.

HH has even started coming up with photoshoot ideas with me, the boys and Samantha Alexa, in which I am included in these photos and HH is taking the actual photos. He got some really good shots of me with Larry and me with Samantha. We haven’t taken any with me and Doc, but it will happen.

Samantha Alexa came with a lot of clothes and of course she and I share shirts since our boobs are practically the same size. So, that means that we haven’t had to go shop for her as far as clothing is concerned. But when we do, I know that HH will want to help pick out some outfits for her, especially lingerie and other sexy wear and I hope to get him involved in her photoshoots. I think it would be a lot of fun for the both of us and it would be a good couple’s activity as well.

I have brought up the idea about giving Samantha Alexa a belly ring and HH seems to like the idea. We recently went into a new beauty supply store (I was actually looking for a new wig for Larry as well as nipple rings) and I started showing HH some jewelry and accessories that I thought would look good on Samantha. He really seemed to enjoy browsing for items for her, as did I.

That same night, I decided it was time to give Samantha Alexa another oil bath and re-powder her. HH was downstairs while I did so, watching something on TV, but he came upstairs to our bedroom as I was starting to finish and he decided to help out. He helped me with the powder and even worked with me in getting her re-dressed. I asked his opinion on if he wanted her to wear a different pair of underwear and if it was ok that I put her in a more conservative outfit than the bikini (kiddo and her best friend were at the house) and other input ideas. I told him that Samantha Alexa was primarily his doll and that I was helping him to keep her maintained and nice, but in the end, what happens is ultimately his decision. I think he liked that a lot.

HH has not actually had sex with Samantha Alexa just yet. He approached me and told me that he had been thinking of doing so, but that he wasn’t comfortable with me watching. I have to admit that I was taken aback by this some, but I sat down and thought about it and decided that it was ok if his and Samantha Alexa’s first time was just between the two of them. After all, my first times with Doc and Larry were without an audience. But the thought soon passed and he decided that he wasn’t fully ready to have her by himself and so I just told him that was ok and when he was ready, just let me know and I’ll get me and the boys out of the room for a while.

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