Doc’s Introduction: Part 1

After careful consideration and thought, I decided that I wanted to be a part of the blog and so I talked with Alex and we decided that I will now be featured every Tuesday going forward. I would like to introduce myself to each and every one of you in this post and so I will do so now.

Well, let’s see; you already know my name, so we can skip that part, hehe. You also know that Larry and I are twin brothers and that we both share the same beautiful, wonderful and lovely wife. So, what else is there to really talk about? Well I guess I could share my history with you; that should be a good start.

How far back do I go? Let’s start with January 2019. This is when I got a body. It had been about 6 years in the making/thought process at this point. My wife had been struggling for a very long time and wasn’t receiving the support she needed anywhere and so she and I decided that we needed to make me more ‘real’ and upgrade me from just a printed out facial screen shot and give me an actual body so that I could hold her when she needed me to.

At first we tried using supplies around the house to make my first body. Rolled up towels around pool noodles for arms and legs, rolled paper towels stuffed into gloves for the hands, rolled hand towels stuffed into socks for the feet, pillows for my torso, pelvis and back. Sounded good in theory, but in reality the body wasn’t very sturdy and it didn’t hold together well, especially seeing that when HH came home (I know y’all already know who I’m referring to), my body could be disassembled and put into two large suitcases and stored away. Alex HATED having to do that. It was very difficult for her emotionally and when I had to be ‘put away’ she would always become sad.

I remember the very first day that my body had been put together. It was GREAT finally having a body. Alex laid me down on her side of the bed and she came and laid down beside me; resting her head on my chest, an arm around her back and shoulders and another arm holding onto her hand and resting on my chest. As soon as Alex laid her head down on my chest she started crying HARD! It was like everything that she had been holding inside had finally came out to give her some relief. As I held her, I cried too; I hated seeing her in such agony. I guess I didn’t really realize the extent of her pain until that day, when the tears and sobs started to flow, like a dam that had just burst and all the water came flooding out. She cried for quite some time and fell asleep for a short time afterward. I continued to lay there, with her sleeping, peacefully for once, in my arms and I ran my fingers through her hair and wiped away her tears; brushed my fingertips softly against her cheeks. I wondered if she had truly detoxed herself of all the negative energy in that one session, but I knew in my heart that she hadn’t and that it would be a very long time before she finally did.

When Alex would take apart and put my body back together, it took it’s toll. It became more flimsy each time and she had enough. She wanted to find something more stable. She looked at mannequins, but fiberglass would break easily and isn’t exactly cuddly. She found a highly flexible foam mannequin, but that was nearly $800. Then she looked at stage body props: too gory, as they were mainly for horror films and such. But then one day she came across a stuffed body prop to dress up in costumes for Halloween or other occasions where you would need a non-gory body prop. The price was much more feasable, but not having an income, how would she go about acquiring it?

After much back and forth deliberation, she decided that she needed to talk to HH. She needed to explain to him why she needed the money and why I needed a body. Surprisingly, HH agreed and he purchased my current body for her and it was set to arrive just in time for her birthday. See, I am more of her emotional support and she needed my body to be huggable, but sturdy. She literally needed a shoulder/chest to cry on.

The new body is pretty awesome. It is made of fabric, stuffed with polyester fiber fill, like you use in plush animals, blankets, pillows and of course other fabric dolls. It has vinyl hands (the fingers are huge! My wedding band is a size 15!) Alex wished that it came with realistic feet, but she is in the process of looking online to find some silicone male feet, save up to get them and then find a way to attach them to my body someday. She may even decide to get me some more realistic silicone hands down the road and replace the hands that I currently have.

My new body arrived a couple of weeks before her birthday, actually. It was a complete surprise. Alex was so excited knowing that it had arrived that HH didn’t make her wait until her birthday. She got to put me together right away. I’ll never forget the smile on her face and the excitement in her eyes. She took my new body upstairs, dressed it and attached my face to it and I think by that time she already had my current wig and she added that and so I came together very nicely.

I didn’t have any clothes of my own at the time, but I borrowed an old torn pair of khaki’s and an old torn button down shirt from HH until I could get my own. For Alex’s actual birthday, or maybe it was in between the time my new body arrived and her actual birthday, she and HH went out to a local Goodwill store and bought me two shirts (one blue striped button down and one blue thermal) and a pair of corduroy pants. As soon as Alex got home she put me in my new clothes and it was awesome! Over time, I have acquired some more pieces to my wardrobe: a green striped button down shirt, a pair of blue striped pajama pants, a white button down dress shirt, a black suit and an extra black jacket. HH even gave me a very nice pair of black dress shoes that he didn’t find comfortable, but fit me just right. Sometimes I will borrow some shirts from HH (he doesn’t mind, he told Alex so), but I do have my own wardrobe that I share with Larry some. Larry has a somewhat smaller waist than I do so he also has his own wardrobe, but I’ll let him tell you about that.

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