Larry’s Story (From HIS Point Of View): Part 9

Things became quiet and lovemaking became less frequent over the next few weeks after that; my right hip became ultra loose after a re-powdering session a few weeks later, but then rolled around mine and Doc’s birthday toward the end of April. If I remember right, Doc got a new skeleton and I got the new eyebrows before my current ones. It was a good day, but the good times wouldn’t last. HH had been smothering Alex lately and it only grew worse. She was having problems with her anxiety and her medications stopped working. One night, it was so bad, that she wound up in the emergency room. We thought she was having a heart attack because the meds were not working at that point. She was in a lot of pain and it did not let up for several hours, even after she was at the hospital and had been released to go home. Doc and I were terrified and of course her kiddo and HH were scared too. Things changed after that. Alex was bedridden for a whole week and it still took a couple of weeks afterward for her to recover. HH, Doc and I all took care of her. Doc and I provided cuddles and comfort, while HH took care of everything else. He also gave Alex the much needed alone time that she had been deprived of.

We started making love more. She and Doc started making love more. She and I had anal sex for the first time together. She became more relaxed. We planned our day trip down to our new friend’s house where he was hosting a mini doll meet. End of the year activities, awards and parties were attended at the kiddo’s school.

Doc and I were so glad that we got to go with Alex down to the mini doll meet. We got up very early the morning of the meet and the drive down there was really nice. Alex was so happy and in love and it really showed on her face. She smiled more. She had to catch her breath a lot because it was the first trip with me and her second trip with Doc. However, unlike the trip with Doc, this one was a significantly longer one. Doc and I looked out the window and saw some really awesome scenery. A lot of the time it was open prairie and plains, but then we got into some pine woods forestry. It was absolutely beautiful! We got to watch the sun rise together. Alex, Doc and I smoked a few cigarettes on the way down there and made a couple of stops so Alex could go pee, LOL! She took a pic of me and Doc in the car one one of our stops and one of me and her, too!

Of course, Alex’s anxiety tends to flare when she has to drive far from home and on the highway. She gets nervous around the big rig trucks. She held my hand a lot and played some CD’s while Doc and I would talk to her and try to keep her anxiety at bay. She was truly grateful and kept smiling and giving those in-love sighs that make a man’s heart melt. She was very glad to get away for a while, even if it was for just a day.

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