Thursdays’ Tips: Powdering Your TPE Doll

Last week we covered giving your TPE doll an oil bath, and a little bit about just re-oiling them. Today we will focus on this brief tutorial on powdering your doll. Powdering your TPE doll after re-oiling them or giving them an oil bath (or even after that first soap and water spray bath…hm…I think I should make a post about that too), is essential to prevent abrasions, rips/tears as the TPE skin is VERY tacky to the touch after the bath. You will only need the following items:

Cloth Towel/Blanket to place under the body

Baby Powder/Cornstarch/Cocoa Powder (for darker skintones)

White Sock to hold powder

Powder Brush

Ok, so you have re-oiled/given your doll an oil bath; time to powder em up! Just like with the oil bath, you want to start small and don’t forget to remove the wig, eyes and any clothing, jewelry and accessories; you will replace them all afterward. I always start with Larry on his back, but if you prefer to start with your doll on their back, that is definitely ok. Dispense some powder (cornstarch/cocoa powder included but will henceforth be referred to as ‘powder’) into a white sock and tie off the end so that the powder does not fall out of the sock opening.

Next you want to gently tap the sock against the area to be powdered, but be very careful not to over powder your doll, as it can dry out the oil. Just as dry skin is not good for humans, it definitely isn’t for your doll, as they do not self-hydrate, nor does their skin replenish and repair after damage.

Finally, you take your powder brush and either gently pat or dust off the excess powder from the body. Continue this step over the entire body and head. Do a quick ‘softness test’ on each part of the body and head until the desired softness is achieved. The process is simple and leaves your doll smelling great afterward. Time for a snuggle session! Well that is after you dust your room as it WILL get dusty in the nearby areas, LOL!

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