Samantha Alexa Saturday: Fashion!

OMG! I LOVE fashion! Clothes, shoes, accessories and everything else! Right now I don’t have a whole lot of outfits, but I do raid Alex’s closet from time to time and pick out some clothes that she hasn’t worn in a while and probably won’t wear again anytime soon and sneak them down to my closet after wearing them. That’s one of the great things about having the same sized boobies! Hehe, I said ‘boobies’! Alex and HH have plans to extend my wardrobe soon and before long I know I will be trendy and on fleek! Right now my favorite outfit is my blue and orange Texas workout clothes. However, I have had my eye on Alex’s red prom dress and her wedding dress. Larry has worn her prom dress before in a funny photoshoot with Doc. He said Alex got jealous at how much better he looked in it than she ever did, hehe.

I also have my eye on this adorable black vinyl and cheetah print purse that she has and no longer uses now that she has her own black and white striped with a big pink bow Betsey Johnson purse that she loves. She and I share a fondness for Kate Spade as well! Anything stripedy and polka doty, pink, black, white, gold and rose gold as they are trendy as well as fashionable!

Ok let’s talk jewelry! The blingier, the better! I love the large, gawdy pieces of jewelry, such as large stone rings, diamond bracelets, anklets and collars; pretty much anything that would be fit for celebrity or royalty! Let’s not forget the tiaras and crowns!

I absolutely can’t WAIT to get my first pair of pleaser platform heels! Those are the ultra sexy shoes that exotic dancers wear and they make feet look so amazing! I wore Alex twenty year old pair of black peep toe platform pleasers, but the vinyl straps were so worn, that they rubbed off and lightly stained my feet and ankles, so we have decided that it is time to retire those pair and search for another pair. Not only for myself, but for her as well!

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