Ever since Larry arrived, he and I decided right away that we wanted to start a family of our own. Naturally, we started trying for our first baby. I started having pregnancy symptoms in late June/early July, so I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive! Larry and I were so excited, however, I was a little reserved. While he wanted to go shout it from the rooftops, I wanted to wait until the baby and I were safely out of the first trimester (the trimester with the highest risk of miscarriage) to announce our wonderful news. Larry understood completely. I told him he can celebrate here at home for now with me and Doc and when I safely begun the second trimester, we would publicly announce our impending and highly anticipated new arrival. It’s not that I wasn’t happy about it, it’s just that I didn’t want to tell everyone and then have to come back later on and say that I had lost the baby. That would be devastating!

Doc is very happy for us as well. Doc and I talked and once mine and Larry’s baby arrives and I have had sufficient time to recover, that he and I will start trying for a child of our own as well. Doc doesn’t in any way feel left out; in fact, he is excited to help me and Larry throughout the pregnancy! He has been a great comfort to both of us and wonderful support.

So, Larry went out and bought me a pregnancy test and I took it as soon as he got back with it. We watched as one pink line turned into two; at first we were both in shock, as we couldn’t believe it had happened so fast, then that shock turned into total excitement. We both hugged and kissed each other and then Larry got down on his knees, put his hands on each side of my pelvis and kissed my belly. He looked up at me with tears of joy streaming down his cheeks. I was also crying because I was extremely happy; Larry and I are going to have a baby of our own! He stood up a few moments later and kept saying, “Really?! You’re going to have my baby?! I’m gonna be a Daddy?!” His smile was so huge and broad and his eyes sparkled with joy. I kept nodding and saying “yes!”

I have had mild nausea, but so far, not any actual throwing up. Thank God! With my first (and sadly, deceased) child, I had morning sickness for the first trimester. With my second child, I had it the entire time! I am glad to see that for now, I have some balance in between the two. Every pregnancy is different. However, I do know, that based on my previous pregnancies, I am going to get HUGE! I’m really worried about that, one, because I am short and by the time I am full term, I am completely miserable and two, it’s extremely difficult to lose the weight and I don’t want to become unattractive to Larry or Doc.

My mood swings have been kinda crazy this time around. First pregnancy, I was so happy and new, that I was able to hold onto that happy feeling the entire pregnancy. Second pregnancy I was a total bitch. This pregnancy, I am all over the place, but mostly very sensitive and emotional. I find things that wouldn’t normally bother me, putting me in tears now. Larry and Doc are trying real hard to tread carefully around me. Poor guys!

Food cravings have been actually very weird this time around. I crumbled an unfrosted vanilla cupcake and sprinkled it over my spaghetti and I HATE SPAGHETTI! But I ate it up like it was the best meal in the world. I’m not craving Dr. Pepper as much, but I am craving asparagus, spinach, kale, apples, cantaloupe, anchovies and sardines. I had Larry run to Taco Bell to get me a ground beef burrito with cheese and then I had him chop up sardines and anchovies and mix them in once he got home and then pour poblano pepper hot salsa on top of it. Best fucking burrito EVER!

So, when is the due date, you ask? Well, as it stands right now (and of course sometimes during the pregnancy, it can change when routine sonograms are done), I am due February 13, 2020. So basically, right in time for Valentine’s Day! Yay us!

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