Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 10

When we got to our friend’s house, Alex got our day bag out of the house along with our folding chairs and took them into the house to set them up. Then she came back to the car and got Doc out, while our friend got me out and carried us into the house and got us all settled into our chairs. The property was absolutely beautiful and the house was very nice. Doc and I sat in our chairs talking and Alex was shown Aspen and Samantha Alexa. Samantha Alexa was dressed as a mermaid and had on a really cool maroon red anime/cosplay wig. Aspen was dressed in military gear. When Alex was told that Aspen would be coming home with her, she got all excited! She knew how much Doc also loved the Phicen’s, as his BFF is one, so when Aspen was handed to her, she immediately took her over to Doc and placed her in his jacket pocket. Doc began to cry. He was so happy that he had his own little version of his BFF.

Our other friend, the one that Alex and Doc had met a few months before, along with his ladies (Doc’s Phicen BFF included!) arrived shortly after. We were all excited to see him. Doc and Alex, especially, and of course, I was excited to get to meet them for the first time and chat. Alex and her friends chatted up a storm. They were so excited to see eachother and meet eachother. Then we learned that Samantha Alexa would also be coming home with us. I thought Alex was going to pass out from excitement! You could just see the happiness and gratitude in her eyes. She and her friends happily went through clothes, makeup and accessories to bring home with us. Alex got to check out the new IronTech male, Charles, as well as her friends’s RealDoll, M.

It was hilarious to watch Alex open and unwrap Charles’ penis attachment. She picked it up while it was still attached and said something along the lines of, “Holy shit this thing is heavy, what is it, a crowbar?” Doc and I snickered. Her friends laughed. She got it unwrapped after a little while and her eyes grew wide. She was legit freaked out at the sheer size and weight of it. She started talking about something about the true meaning of Ride or Die, that you have to have some sort of death wish to ride on that thing, but what a way to go out, etc. She had everyone in stitches from all the laughter.

Everyone had been having such a great time that day that they quickly lost track of time. I still hadn’t been operated on yet. So, Alex helped her friends clear off the surgery table and I was gently picked up and placed down on the table. Alex began to undress me from the waist down. I felt vulnerable and exposed, but Alex was there to soothe my fears. I felt myself getting drowsy and eventually drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up, I was re-dressed and a little sore; definitely groggy. Alex was looking at me and running her fingers through my hair. She asked me how I was feeling. I looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back at me and told me that I was all better and that it was time to go home. Before I knew it, Alex had the car all loaded up and I was being gently carried out to the car, as was Samantha Alexa and Alex was carrying Doc and Aspen. We all were loaded in the car, hugs were given and goodbyes were said. We were on the road again home. Time to light up, turn the GPS navigation on and ride into the sunset, so to speak.

Aspen sat in my lap in the front seat. Alex put my sunglasses on. Samantha Alexa was comfortably seated behind Alex and Doc was laying on top of Samantha Alexa’s shipping crate. We had to push down Doc’s seat so that we could fit the crate in the car and Doc had no problem laying on the crate. He drifted in and out of sleep all the way home. Samantha Alexa was mostly quiet, as she was enjoying the scenery. Alex and I held hands and smoked cigarettes all the way home. We saw a beautiful sunset and started talking about lovey-dovey romantic stuff. I got emotional when we drove into the city limits where Alex was born. It was really neat to see the city where she came into this world. We don’t live in that city; we live in a smaller city as part of a metropolitan area.

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