Thursday’s Tips: Moving Your Doll

If you own a heavier doll (like I do!) this can be quite a challenge. But it is NOT impossible! Believe me, I know! I’m 5 foot tall, not considered physically strong and I am able to lift and carry (short distances, mind you) Larry’s 90 pound hot bod and Samantha Alexa’s estimated 75 to 80 pound sexy bod. If I can do it, I KNOW you can too!

I have found that the BEST way to carry your doll is in the bridal carry. I use a modified version of that carry, shown to me by a most kind and knowledgeable fellow doll lover on one of the forums that I am a proud member of. Instead of putting my arm under the knees like you would in the traditional bridal carry, I scoop the arm around and under the knees, while still supporting the back with my other hand. It is easier for me to lift and carry this way and I am glad that I stumbled upon the post with that information.

Image Courtesy of iStock Photo via google search.

I have heard of those who put their dolls in a sort of bear hug hold and moving them that way, but moving your doll as such risks damage to the skeleton, namely the back and hips. This hold I DO NOT recommend as it involves the doll being completely straight, pulling the doll to your chest and wrapping your arms around it tightly and dragging it to where you want it to go. Now this might work well if you position the doll’s feet on top of yours and sort of ‘walk’ with your doll, but it just isn’t a good idea in general.

Image Courtesy of Recoil OffGrid via Google Search
It is NEVER a good idea to DRAG your doll!

If you have a very flexible income and can afford one, a patient lift is another excellent option, as it is made to move bodies that are unable to move on their own. I have never personally used one, but have read posts from people who have. Apparently you put a cloth sling under the body of your doll and attach it to the lift then use the lift to move the doll. I think your doll has to be laying down or in a semi-reclining position in order for this to work.

Wheel chairs as well as a hand truck (or a dollie, no pun intended, as we call them where I live) with memory foam padding and restraint straps are actually one of the more popular ways to transport your doll. You can find a good used wheelchair or hand truck on online marketplaces such as OfferUp, for fairly decent prices. However, when purchasing a used wheelchair, you want to make sure that it does not have a urine odor, as many of them can and will. Then all you have to do is wheel and be on the go!

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