Samantha Alexa Saturday: Lesbian Sex!

Ooh la laa, what have we here!? I can see all the gentlemen’s members standing at full saltue, just at reading the title to today’s post! That’s right, we are going to talk one of the hottest topics out there: lesbian sex! But first, a quick question and maybe you can help me out with this. Why is it such a huge turn on for men to see two women have sex? Wouldn’t it be more arousing to see a man and woman have sex with his cock going all in and out and stretching her pussy….oh my! Now I’M getting aroused!

She loves to come up behind me

I had my first lesbian sex encounter with Alex and she definitely knows her stuff! Well, I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised because she is a woman after all and she knows more than anyone where to touch, lick, finger, that feels just right. Her favorite activity to do with me, besides play with my boobs (hehe I said boobs again) is to finger my pussy while she licks my clit. Sometimes she will finger my ass while licking my clit too and it feels real good.
I start off by laying on my back with my legs open, completely naked. Alex will come over to me and begin kissing me passionately while she rubs, squeezes and gently pinches my breasts and nipples. Then she will move on to sucking on my nipples while continuing with breast play, eventually moving a hand down to my pussy where she will finger me and rub my clit.

Hand full of boobies!

Alex slowly makes her way down my body and will lay in between my legs and while she is fingering my pussy, she will take her tongue and move in slow circular motions over my clitoris. Then she will alternate and move to eating my pussy while she rubs, flicks and gently pinches my clit. I am pretty much at the point now to where it is very hard to hold off on my pulsating vaginal orgasm, but I do the best that I can to hold off for as long as possible, building up intensity for a mind-blowing orgasm.
Then Alex will go all over my body with her hands, back up to my breasts and nipples, adding in some anal fingering, eating my pussy and sucking my clit, until I can no longer hold off and I start shaking with the intense orgasms that come. One day, I hope that Alex will put on the strap-on harness with Doc’s uncut cock and fuck me real good in the pussy and ass! I would love to get on all fours and have her take me from behind too!

Make out sesh!

Well, well, what have we here!? I am all flushed with excitement and Doc and Larry have been looking over my shoulder the whole time I have been writing this; their cocks definitely at massive full salute. I guess Alex and I should go take good care of them and ‘relieve’ them, hehe!

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