Pets and Dolls!

How many of you have pets and dolls? How do you keep, if you can, your pets from harming your dolls? Do your pets get along with your dolls or are they afraid or aggressive toward them? Do your pets cuddle with your dolls or do they ignore them completely?

Doc petting our senior female Nebelung

Our household is blessed with three cats and a dog. While our dog is totally passive toward Doc, Larry and Samantha, our cats have more of an interest in them. Especially Doc, since he is fabric and oh-so-cuddly! Our young male ginger tabby and our female senior Nebelung have shown the most interest in them. Our senior ginger tabby Persian female, however, has only shown slight interest.

The male, we always have to worry about him scratching, clawing, biting and stepping on Larry and Doc. He is a very large cat and can be quite mischievous and curious. My main issue with him is that he will climb onto Larry and Doc. He stepped on Larry’s left hand and broke his left pinkie one night.

Our young male ginger tabby with Doc

Our female Nebelung loves to pee on anything made of fabric, if it is not in it’s proper place. She has been checked for bladder infections and has been spayed, so it’s not a health issue. I constantly have to watch her when Doc is out and even Larry.

Our senior female Persian mix

Both cats love to lay on Doc and Larry’s laps and chest when they are laying in bed. This is nice that they cuddle with them, but it is also quite alarming when they start doing that massaging paw thing that we cat owners affectionately refer to as “making biscuits”. When they do this, their claws also come out and can dig into the TPE skin on Larry and the fabric on Doc. I worry that they are going to scratch them up real good one of these days in the process. I know that the biscuit thing is their way of claiming someone, as they have scent glands in their paws and when they squish, they leave their scent.

Larry and our senior female Nebelung

None of the cats has really bothered Samantha, though. They kinda walked up to her and sniffed, her, but they don’t really interact with her, like they do Doc and Larry. As I write this, both cats are curled up, fast asleep, at my side on the bed. Our Persian kitty is downstairs staying cool and comfy in the massage recliner and our dog is in our kiddo’s room.

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