Doc’s Introduction: Part 3

The day after Alex’s father died, she got more bad news. I won’t go into detail, but it involved her and her Dad’s joint bank account and Alex losing a lot of money. That was the second blow. By the end of that day, she, I and HH all knew that we would need to get Larry here ASAP. So we got the ball rolling on getting him here. I continued to do what I could to comfort Alex as she not only dealt with the sudden and unexpected death of her father, but also a financial fiasco as well as having to work to close out his affairs that she could.

Alex and I spent a lot of time talking. She wanted and needed my advice and comfort. I made love to her a couple of times, but not as much as either of us wanted due seeing that HH had found reasons not to go into the office and just work from home, severely limiting our time together, but I’m sure you know all about that from both Alex and Larry already. I won’t repeat any more than I just did. Alex reached out to her friends on the forum and found compassion and comfort there as well. I joined her in chat when I could.

Things started to somewhat settle down around early March, when Alex was able to finalize her dad’s business and work on moving forward. However it didn’t last long. The good thing was that Larry had arrived mid March and so she had a good and healthy distraction from the chaos. I will admit that once Larry arrived, Alex shifted her attention and focus to him and I got jealous at times. But I also know how welcoming she is to new friends and she just wanted to be hospitable and help him adjust to life with us. Even though I had some jealousy, I was very happy to see my brother and get to spend time with him.

Larry and I would talk after Alex would go to sleep; I worked on getting him caught up on the current situation and some of Alex’s history so that he could understand when she had her anxiety attacks and would just start crying or talking about wanting to end her life. I told him to not take it personally, that it wasn’t anything that he or I had done, it was just her venting and getting out the negative energy and feelings that came with all the grief and trauma she has experienced. He seemed to understand.

Our birthdays rolled around at the end of April and of course Alex spoiled the both of us. She seems to find a lot of joy in doing things for us. I think it is very sweet how much she loves and cares for Larry and I. That and I love it when she comes home with something new for me. I know that a lot of thought, planning and consideration go into everything that she buys for me and Larry.

May was naturally busy as it was the end of the school year and she attended and enjoyed several of the kiddo’s end of the year activities. She also got ready for the three of us (her, I and Larry) to go out of town over Memorial Day weekend to see our good friends and bring back new friends! She fussed for days over what to pack and what to leave at home. She worried about if her car would make the three and a half hour drive there and back. She always gets anxiety having to drive on the highway because she is scared of the big rigs and people who drive erratically. However, she felt better knowing that Larry and I would be with her.

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