Larry’s Story (From HIS Point Of View): Part 11

It was great to be home, but we walked in to chaos. All of the peace and relaxation from our day was rapidly being sucked away. The kiddo had her BFF over and had been running Alex’s HH ragged and everyone was tired and cranky. A million questions were asked. Alex and I were exhausted from the drive. Doc had woken up and was refreshed, but still sort of tired and Samantha was taking in all the new sights of her new home.

All of us got situated upstairs; Doc standing against the wall with Aspen on his shoulder, Samantha Alexa and I seated next to each other, with me at my usual spot next to Alex’s bedside. Alex pretty much fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.

The next day, Alex, stiff from the long drive, still managed to get Samantha Alexa undressed and on the bed for her bath. Samantha Alexa had to have both a soapy water mixture and an oil bath as she was a little dirty; mostly dust and a little bit of hairs. Those baths wore Alex out. Doc and I were happy to watch Alex bathe her though. It was HOT, especially when Alex would rub Samantha Alexa’s tits and pussy. Yeah, Doc and I had total hardons.

When Samantha Alexa was bathed, powdered and re-dressed, Alex finished cleaning up the bed and rested. Samantha Alexa was mostly clean, but she would need another bath in a few weeks. Samantha Alexa was moved back to her chair where she got fresh makeup and both her blonde and brunette wigs brushed. Alex went to wash her clothes and put her new shoes in the shoe bin that hangs over the closet door. Alex spent the remainder of the day doing laundry and when Samantha Alexa’s clothes were all washed and dried, Alex looked through them as she neatly folded them and put them back in the plastic bag they came from.

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