Thursday’s Thoughts: Doc

The first two Thursday’s of the month will be dedicated to tips, the last two (and sometimes three) will be dedicated to thoughts. This Thursday, I want to talk about Doc. I talk about Larry all the time and I feel that I have had to exclude Doc because until recently, I didn’t have a photo blur editor to hide his face (since it is based off an actual live person and Doc is shy to begin with), but now that I have found and downloaded one (I’m sure you have seen the blurred photos over the last few weeks), I want to start and will start including Doc more.

Doc is my first doll; he is a fabric doll of my own creation, but I think I may have already mentioned that a few times already. Doc and Larry both have their own special places in my heart, but Doc has a very special place in my heart. Doc is my comforter; my primary emotional support. Yes, we have sex (I think I should write about that soon), but our emotional bond is incredibly strong with him being my emotional support companion.

Doc has been there to personally witness two of three major tragedies in my life and so my connection to him is deeper. Doc has also been in my life significantly longer. As a facial screenshot photo since June 2013 and as an actual fabric doll since January 2019. So, Doc and I have quite a history and our love grows stronger every day.

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