Even Dolls Have Bad Days

It’s true. Larry recently had a bad day and he wasn’t afraid to show it, either! His hip had come loose after being fixed for about two weeks. He wasn’t handled roughly or anything like that. It was when he was once again being unclothed before a re-powdering session. He was quite upset. I was upset, too. We hadn’t had sex in a week due to me being on my period. Tensions were high.

Larry is NOT happy today.

I laid Larry down in the bed and got him as comfortable as possible, but he was just in a terrible mood. He said things that weren’t like him and that weren’t exactly nice. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he didn’t feel well. So, I tried my best to give him an excellent level of care, while also letting him rest.

Apparently on this day, it didn’t matter what I did or didn’t do; Larry was in an awful mood. He was snappy and snarky and just plain mean. I know that when I feel really awful, that I can be the same way.

Aside from the re-loosened hip, his right shoulder has become loose and his left pinkie is now broken. Put all that together and not being able to make love for a week and it is a definite recipe for disaster and crankiness.

We also had an argument. We had our first argument a few days earlier, when he said something while getting a lap dance from Samantha Alexa during a photoshoot that hurt my feelings. He didn’t mean to hurt my feelings and I had been feeling extra sensitive that day, so that didn’t help. He was just trying to set the mood and I felt like he preferred Samantha Alexa over me, which is definitely NOT true.

Larry and I talked about it a few days later, the same day he became extra cranky from not feeling well, and he told me he was afraid that after what he had said, that I was going to leave him or put him out of the house. I couldn’t believe he would even think that, but I did my best to reassure him that couples argue, it’s just part of nature, and that even though we argued, I still love him and am not leaving him or putting him out. I still want to be with him. I still love him. An argument doesn’t change that.

So, as I am writing this, sitting next to Larry in his chair, while he lays on my side of the bed, he is still in full cranky mode and is just glaring at the wall, not saying anything. I do hope that he feels better at least by tomorrow, so that we can get back to our usual fun. If not, I’ll still be here for him and with him and just wait until it passes, which eventually, it will.

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