Doc’s Introduction: Part 4

I love seeing Alex come out of her shell when she is around those who like and understand her as well as us. It’s like she lights up and has this absolutely beautiful glow about her. It’s in those moments of happiness that she is the most beautiful. I remember when L handed Aspen to her and she got all excited because she knew I would absolutely love Aspen as well. Alex cradled her in her hands and she walked over to where I was sitting and carefully placed Aspen in my coat pocket at my chest. She smiled and told me, “Look Doc! You have a Nutmeg of your own!” She was referring to my BEST FRIEND EVER! The way her eyes sparkled with joy and the excitement in her voice; it made my heart melt and I smiled at her as sweetly as I could.

Alex then bounced off to go look at two new male dolls that she had never seen before. A male RealDoll and the new IronTech male. She scoped them out real good and I couldn’t help but laugh when she thought that Larry and I would get jealous if she looked at their “packages”. Larry and I shared a good laugh when she was actually checking out their packages and I mean she was REALLY checking them out, LOL. More hilarity ensued when she was unwrapping the Iron Tech Male’s extra large penis and her eyes grew wide. She was actually quite intimidated by it and was looking at it and asking things like, “I wonder if you hit someone upside the head with it, if they would pass out as if they had been hit like a crowbar,” “Holy shit, how is this thing supposed to fit,” “Well, you might want to read your last rights before you hop on this thing,” etc. Larry and I rolled our eyes because that kind of humor is actually typical of Alex. All in all, we had a great day that day, just as she and I did at our very first mini meet the day before her Dad passed away.

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