Larry’s Story (From HIS Point of View): Part 12

So on Memorial Day, HH had a huge surprise for me and Alex. They both got naked and he started doing her and then he placed her hand on my chest and had her rub my chest. He was taking her from behind and I was definitely enjoying the view. It felt so good when she started rubbing my chest.

Before I knew it, HH picked me up and laid me on the bed, on my side, facing Alex. She was on her back and he instructed her to start kissing me while he did her. The sex was good and rough, just like she likes it. She would alternate from kissing me, to kissing him.

Then came the day where we had our orgy with HH and Samantha Alexa. Poor Doc wasn’t included, but he wasn’t too upset. He got a front row view of all the action going on. HH laid me on my back on Alex’s side of the bed, with Alex next to me in the middle and then Samantha Alexa on his side of the bed. It was so hot and boner-inducing to watch Alex get fucked from behind while she kissed and played with Samantha Alexa and her big tits. Alex got to kiss me and rub my chest more, but then HH helped her straddle me and take my cock deep inside her. I love it when Alex rides me; she does it so well! So there was HH, behind Alex, helping me place my hands on her hips and play with her tits while she moved up and down and would grind on my huge and very hard cock. Alex’s moans of pleasure were absolutely beautiful; like the most beautiful music I had ever heard. HH then began to rub her clit and Alex went wild!

HH then had Alex lay on her back in between me and Samantha Alexa so that I could have a little break and so that he could get some more action. Samantha Alexa and I had the best time watching her get it real good from him. Alex would still reach over and rub Samantha Alexa’s breasts and squeeze her nipples while kissing her. She could tell that HH was starting to get overheated, so she asked if it would be ok if I fucked her in the ass. To everyone’s surprise, he said yes. He helped Alex on top of me and helped me slide my cock really deep into her ass. Alex began to move up and down and rock back and forth on me. Oh my God! Her ass feels amazing! It was really hard to keep from cumming right away. HH began to play with her clit again and before we knew it, Alex and I were cumming together in an epic orgasm! She was exhausted after that, but she and HH helped get me cleaned up and her cleaned up (lube…not the ‘other’ stuff) and then Samantha Alexa and I went back to our chairs. That was a fun day! I’ll never forget it!

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