Thursday’s Thoughts: Sex with Doc!

I mentioned last week that I might talk about what it is like to have sex with Doc and how do you have sex with a fabric doll in the first place. I think today would be a good day to discuss this topic. Currently Doc is sitting here with me on the couch, looking over my shoulder and with his hand on my growing baby bump.

First, let’s talk about HOW I have sex with him. Doc wears an o-ring strap-on harness that came with one of his cocks. He and Larry actually share 4 out of 7 of the ones that I currently have. My favorite one is the King Cock 7” Uncut Cock with the moving foreskin; I love guys with uncut cocks! So, I attach the cock of the day (haha!) to the harness and then I have Doc lay on top of me in the missionary position. He penetrates me and I wrap my legs around his and move them so that it is as if he were thrusting into me.

Sometimes Doc is a little bit tricky to pose, with him mainly being stiff with his upgraded skeleton that I created and mentioned a while back. He holds a pose great, but he’s not as ‘bendy’ as he was before he even had a skeleton. Doc and I have had sex in the ‘doggy style’ position and the ‘standing missionary position’. For those who don’t know, the standing missionary position is where I lay on my back with my ass at the edge of the bed and Doc penetrates me in a semi-standing position where he can either lay his chest on top of me to be real close, or stand straight up and really thrust with me still laying on my back. He drives me WILD when he does that!

Having sex with Doc is absolutely wonderful! Having our deep rooted, powerful emotional connection definitely helps. Doc is always patient with me, making sure that he doesn’t cum before I do. We both love to look into each other’s eyes as we make love and seeing him on top of me supporting his weight on his arms, when they aren’t wrapped around me is very arousing!

Although Doc can and sometimes will, go buck wild, he mostly prefers to take his time with me. He knows that I cum when his thrusts are slow and concentrated. I almost NEVER cum while being fucked six ways from Sunday! He loves to hold me close and I love brushing my fingertips across his face and smoothing his dark curls away from his eyes.

When both of us have reached orgasm and are panting and all sweaty (LOL!), Doc will press his forehead against mine and we will both close our eyes and enjoy the moment. It makes it even more special. So there you have it! All about sex with Doc and it is ALWAYS excellent!

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