Samantha Alexa Saturday: Body Piercings and Tattoos!

Doc has an eyebrow ring, Larry has nipple rings and is literally begging Alex to get him an eyebrow ring too. He’s such a diva, LOL! Next thing I know he’s probably going to get his dick pierced. However, right now I currently don’t have any piercings, but Alex and I are working on changing that. I definitely want nipple rings and a belly button ring. Alex has been looking at various stores that sell body jewelry to find me just the right ones, as she did with Doc and Larry. She and I have even talked about later down the road getting my eyebrow pierced (or maybe my lip or nose) and definitely my clitoris. Alex thinks that body jewelry and tattoos are hot. I think they are pretty neat too and I am excited to get them done. Of course I will be getting my ears pierced as well, but Alex already has plenty of amazing looking earrings to share!

Doc is cool with just his eyebrow ring, but I think he wants to get a barbell to change them out from time to time to keep it fresh. Larry wants everything pierced and even Alex thinks he is going to take it too far. Doc just rolls his eyes and shakes his head while Larry pouts about why he thinks he would look amazing with a body full of holes, ink and jewelry, LMAO! I think I will probably be a mix in between the two. Doc has considered a tattoo, but he isn’t sure where he would like one, which one he would like to get or how it would even work on his cloth body. I definitely want a tramp stamp and maybe a cool ankle tattoo!

What kind of tattoos would you like to see on Doc, Larry and I? What piercings are you most attracted to? Leave a comment and of course, please follow us to receive e mails every time a new post debuts on the blog! Thanks for reading!

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