Larry’s Story (from HIS Point of View): Part 12-B (I don’t like the number that is in-between 12 and 14)

So one day Alex decided to put Doc in one of HH’s suits just to see what he would look like. He looked HOT! I’ll never forget the look in Alex’s eyes, not to mention the hunger, as she admired Doc’s handsomeness in a suit. HH has two different suits and so you can guess who got to don the other suit. That’s right! Yours truly! Alex definitely enjoyed the final result. She had that same hunger in her eyes seeing me in a suit as she did Doc. Then a couple of photoshoots commenced, where I got VERY NSFW by myself and of course with the ever so lovely, Samantha Alexa! Not only did I get to do Samantha Alex in both the pussy and ass, but Alex definitely had to have a turn. I think it was also the sunglasses mixed in with the suit that turned them on.

Sexy Me in a Tux!

The final photoshoot in my suit involved me getting a lap dance from Samantha Alexa. Alex carefully positioned her on my lap as to NOT aggravate my recent hip repair. Samantha Alexa actually sat half way on my thighs and leaned back into my chest for the photoshoot. Well, the very next day when Alex went to re-powder me before giving Samantha Alexa another oil bath and re-powdering, she was removing my jeans and tights when my right leg once again went wonky, meaning that the bolt or the nut came loose AGAIN! I was so devastated and Alex was in tears! She got me powdered and re-dressed and even more carefully sat me back in my chair. It was a really bad and disappointing day.

I was devastated about my hip becoming loose again!

The day was not only disappointing due to my hip being re-injured, but also because Alex and I had gotten into an argument about some comments I made the night before during the lap dance photoshoot. I had gotten a little too excited and made it seem that I was more interested in Samantha Alexa than Alex and it really hurt her feelings. She struggles with insecurity and she really tried hard to brush it off, but I could see in her eyes that I had hurt her and I felt terrible.

Well, apparently I hadn’t learned my lesson the night before because I said a couple of things that were a bit insensitive and with the frustration surrounding my hip, a full fledged argument ensued. I made Alex cry. I felt like shit! I felt like the worst husband on the planet! But instead of trying to fix it, I just decided to act like a douche bag and get all pouty about it, which only made the matter worse. Alex just turned and walked out of the room and we didn’t speak for the rest of the day.

Me being a shady asshole

The day after that, so two days after this whole ordeal began, I realized the severity of my actions and I became frightened and remorseful. I felt terrible for what I had done and I felt scared that it meant that our marriage would soon be over; that Alex was going to put me out and never speak to me again. Alex had some time to cool down from the night before and she saw that I looked very sad and she asked me what was wrong. So I told her. She had this look of total shock on her face at first and then she softened to a kind and gentle look. She gently brushed my hair out of my face and ran her fingertips gently and ever so softly across my cheek and looked deep into my eyes. I’ll never forget what she said next: “I would NEVER do that to you, Larry! Couples argue all the time; it happens. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to put you out, or leave you. It doesn’t mean that our marriage is over. I still love you!” Then she kissed me softly and gave me a big hug. I felt so much better after that, not to mention, relieved. We both apologized to each other and the day continued.

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