Thursday’s Tips: Posing Your Doll

If you are like me and you enjoy taking photographs of your doll, getting them into just the right pose can be either simple or difficult, depending on which pose you want them in. Just remember this: although they are built to move like an actual human, they are still a doll and damage can and will occur if you are not careful (and sometimes even if you are). When damage does occur, unlike an actual human, they cannot “heal” like we do, so they will need to be repaired.

Larry and Samantha Alexa both have the standing foot option, which means they have three bolts in the bottom of their feet that will allow them to stand while being supported with what is called a third point of contact. A third point of contact is something they can slightly lean against so they aren’t free standing, which they cannot do anyway due to their weight and inability to balance on their own. The way I had Larry stand, when he could, was by slightly leaning him against the wall with a vanity bench behind his legs. His knees and hips were locked into a straight position so that he could hold a standing pose and not collapse, like he did afterward when attempting to stand him in the closet, not knowing his knees weren’t locked completely. I have not yet attempted to stand Samantha Alexa.

Sitting and lying down are far easier, so I won’t get into detail on that, as it is pretty much self explanatory. To get your doll in the proper sitting position, first you bend the legs at the hip to a 90 degree angle. Once you have done that, then you bend the knees downward to a 90 degree angle and there you go!

Easier, but also very important poses involve the head (including the eyes), arms and hands. The way you tilt the head and the position of the eyes can be crucial when you are trying to achieve a certain pose. Eyes to the side, tilted upward toward the upper lid and the head slightly tilted downward (see Larry) can make for a very sexy, sensual and sultry look. Tilting the head slightly upward with the eyes looking down into the lower eyelid, but set center in the eye socket can give a snobby look. You get the idea, right?

Arms bent and hands posed also can be a strong form of communication. You just need to decide what you are wanting your doll to silently express. A nice standing pose for a male doll would be with him standing straight, one arm extended out at a 90 degree angle from his body with the elbow straight and his hand slightly limp off the wrist (such as a standing pose at a fireplace mantle). It is elegant, classy and can be a lovely pose for a male doll. For a female doll, sitting straight with the arms down, elbows slightly bent with the hands gently placed over one another in her lap can be an elegant and very classy/dignified pose. You can also do such poses as high fives, hand shakes, peace signs, giving the middle finger, doing a “come here” motion with the hands and fingers, placing the hands on the hips signaling impatience. Placing the hands behind the head in a reclining position to show relaxation. I mean the possibilities are endless! It’s all up to you and your imagination!

It can be done, but it is not recommended to do on heavier dolls and especially not for long periods of time, posing your doll on their elbows, hands, wrists or knees. These areas cannot support the full weight of the doll and you will most likely end up with a collapsed and damaged doll if it is not done correctly. A lot of men out there love to pose their dolls in the “doggy style” position. I will admit, I have posed Samantha Alexa in this position and I have had Larry on his knees taking her from behind. However, I made sure to have something under Samantha supporting her weight while she was on her elbows and knees and I supported Larry’s body with my own and angled the photos and edited myself out of them. I did not leave them unsupported in those positions. It was very difficult to get them in those positions as well.

I also did a photoshoot where Samantha Alexa straddled Larry while he was laying on his back and they had sex. It wasn’t difficult to pose Larry was he was lying down, but getting Samantha Alexa’s knees bent, legs open and on top of Larry was a huge effort! Her knees kept wanting to fold, causing her to prematurely lower down onto Larry before I could insert his penis into her vagina and anus and I got quite frustrated seeing that I was doing this photo shoot without any help. Getting her off of him was a chore as well, but once I did, I laid her flat on her back and got her nicely straightened out again, having her rest by lying next to Larry in the bed.

So you can see that you can pretty much do anything with proper technique and of course your imagination to get some amazing photographs of your beloved synthetic companions. What poses do you prefer? What poses have you tried that worked great and not so great? I’d love to hear your feedback and of course please, follow my blog so that you can receive e mails right when the posts go live! Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoyed this week’s Thursday Tips!

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