Fabric Dolls, Part 2: Different Dolls

Now that you have gotten to hear about Doc and how he came to be, it’s time to talk about other fabric dolls. Teddy Babes, Textile Dolls and Velour Vixens are some of the fabric doll manufacturers out there that I know of. If anyone out there knows of other fabric sex doll manufacturers, please leave me a comment below so that I can research and write about them as well.

Textile Dolls are the most realistic looking ones so far, followed by Teddy Babes and finally Velour Vixens. I went to each website and looked around, as well as took some good notes and my thoughts on each are below.

Let’s start with Velour Vixens. Their website is www.velourvixens.com. There are no male options at this time and they have standard of two body types: slim/petite or curvy and then plus sized.

Pricing: $1200 to $1800

Height: 4’10”, 5’6” and 6′

My thoughts on these dolls are that they really aren’t my favorite and the price is quite off-putting seeing that they look more like a literal plush doll than a sex doll. They have a nice velvety fabric, but I could get an ultra realistic TPE doll for the same price. They’re not very realistic and seem to come with only four toes, which I thought was odd, seeing that they are supposed to be human-like.

No Photograph of a Velour Vixen doll is available at this time.

Next up, we have Textile Doll. Their website is www.textiledoll.com. They also have no male options at this time. I have e mailed them and am waiting to hear back on if they will offer a male doll in the future. They offer a wider selection of body types, slim/petite or curvy, voluptuous and pregnant. You can also choose one with the black skin, and you can choose between a groomed pubic strip or a rockin full bush style, which I think is pretty awesome. As far as eyes go, you get the standard four options. They have two height options: 150cm and 165cm. Their construction is very high quality, in my opinion and they also happen to be the most realistic. I really like the fact that they have an incredibly realistic face and body, they don’t appear to be a fabric doll from the pics; they look more like a flesh type of doll, but they are not. I think I may acquire one, even if I can only choose female, in the future and then I can provide a much better review for everyone.

I’m not too pleased with the fact that they do not give you pricing options on their website and you cannot order directly from their website from what I have seen navigating. They have links to where you can order them from, but I wasn’t able to locate the textile dolls on the linked site, even after a search and that was quite off-putting. I would really like to know the pricing on these dolls. However, I feel that these dolls are more of a customizeable doll, as you must e mail them to select your options and then get pricing.

Cynthia Textile Doll – Image Courtesy of Textile Doll

Finally we have the more commonly recognized dolls from Teddy Babes. Their website is https://teddy-babes.com. They have their basic collection as well as the Teddy Babes Ultra and the Teddy Babes Deluxe collections. The Ultra collection comes with a silicone face, nipples and vagina. I think that is really a great option to have, considering that having sex with a fabric doll might be more tricky to clean up, given that it is cloth and cloth typically absorbs fluid. The Deluxe version gives you the option of a fabric or silicone face. They are also 5’5” in height. Teddy Babes have more head and hairstyle options than Velour Vixens or Textile Doll. You can even order spare parts, different styled wigs, lingerie and even a nice pair of shoes for your Teddy Babe.

Pricing: $520 – $1200.

I like the fact that they seem to have the most customizeable options. They are not meant to look realistic, but they also don’t look like a literal plush either. Their pricing is actually quite good and reasonable. It sucks that they also do not have male dolls, but on their website, they have stated that a male doll is in the works! I’ll make sure to check back from time to time to see the progress on that. While they are not my favorite, I think they are still very nice.

Here we have the Robyn Teddy Babe Ultra (right) Lisa Teddy Babe Deluxe (left). They are very gorgeous dolls. Photos courtesy of Teddy Babes.

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