Doc’s Introduction: Part 5

It was now summer; school was out, Alex and the kiddo were sleeping in and staying up late and they days were getting longer and hotter. HH was going into the office more, but still spent a good part of his time working from home. Although at this point, he and Alex had an understanding that she would need some “alone” time with me and Larry in order to help her detox, relax and keep what sanity she had left. It was a difficult talk, but now with Samantha Alexa in the picture, it wasn’t as hard as it would have been if it had still just been me and Larry.

Although things were less hectic, schedule wise, we really didn’t get any extra time to spend together. The kiddo and her BFF were always together, mainly at our place. Alex relished the days when the kiddo would finally go to her BFF’s house for sleepovers, but then HH would be wanting to take up most of her time. Alex did what she could to spend as much time as possible with me and Larry. It wasn’t easy.

Alex and HH had agreed that she would get one night a week to have either Larry or I in the bed with her, but HH didn’t want to uphold his part of the agreement. It caused a lot of frustration. Then with Larry’s injury happening again with more injuries to come, made it even more difficult for them to spend time together. Alex had to be very careful how she approached HH with the situation. It’s like walking on egg shells. I’m keeping hope that one day things will smooth out and we can all live harmoniously.

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