Thursday Tips: Hair Care

Nearly all of our synthetic companions wear wigs. Some, although rare, do have actual punched in hair, or punched in hair at the hairline and then a wig. Just as we who have the TPE companions must give them oil baths/re-oilings, re-powderings and repair them when they become damaged and injured, hair care is also very important. We want our synthetic companions looking their best, don’t we?

I have Larry’s three wigs that came with him from the Jinsan factory and I also ordered him, as well as Doc, the excellent quality Kaneklon wigs (I hope I got the name right, sorry if I didn’t) off of Amazon. Samantha Alexa’s wigs are also better synthetic quality and she will be adding more, as will Doc and Larry, to their collection. Bad thing about the Jinsan wigs is that they fall apart easily and the hair comes out in clumps.

When you synthetic companion arrives at your home, after a long and exhausting flight or drive, their organic companions take excellent care of them by unboxing them, bathing them, powdering them and dressing them. Then they put on their wig. They come with a nice detangling comb that looks like something my pre-teen would love to have to brush her hair with (they are see through pink/purple with stars and hearts cut out of the handle, which is very appealing to the younger organics), but it is also a good idea to get an actual wig brush (one that looks like an every day detangling brush, but that has loops instead of the straight pegs or whatever you call them, to brush the hair and style it. The loops cut down on the hair being pulled out of the wig; they are supposed to let go of the snag when you come across one.

Brushing the hair when you move your doll, or after a good romp, is always recommended, but sometimes you want to style their hair as well. UNLESS YOUR WIG SAYS IT CAN WITHSTAND HEATING TOOLS, DO NOT USE HEATED HAIR STYLING TOOLS ON YOUR WIG, as it will surely damage the hair and possibly cause a fire. Me no likey de fire, so me stay away from the burney thingies! Also, one time I severely burned all the fingers on my right hand when I dropped a 450 degree fahrenheit flat iron on my hand. NOT PLEASANT!

Some people use hairspray, but I don’t. I don’t want Larry or Samantha or even Doc becoming all sticky (well, I like it when they become sticky for OTHER reasons of the sexual variety, he he heee!) and I don’t want to risk damaging the fabric on Doc or the TPE on Samantha or Larry by using aerosol products on their hair. If you are comfortable with this and it works for you, that is great!

Over time, oils from your hands and of course dust and dirt just from being in the house where that stuff naturally collects, will cause your wig to become icky. You can’t style it and the hair just lays flat and dull. So it’s time to wash the wig. I had a good friend recommend that you put a little bit of conditioner in quite a bit of water and dip the wig in and out of the water, rinse it with clean water and then hang it to try and it should bounce back all nice and soft, like Fabio’s fabulous hair! I think it can take up to 24 hours for the wig to completely dry (again you don’t want to use heating products on a wig unless it says you can) so you may want to have a spare wig laying around for your synthetic companion to wear in the mean time.

Tell me all about your wigs! Which ones do you prefer? Which styles?

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